Interlinear Bible 2 Kings 4:42

42 And there came a man from Baalshalisha, and brought the man of God bread of the firstfruits, twenty loaves of barley, and full ears of corn in the husk thereof. And he said, Give unto the people, that they may eat.
~yih{l/a'h#st0430 vyia.l aeb'Y;w h'vil'v l;[;Bim a'B vyia.w#st0376 ? l,m.r;k.w ~yir{[.f#st01061 ~,x,l#st03899 -myir.f,[ ~yir.WKiB ~,x,l ? .Wleka{y.w ~'['l !eT r,ma{Y;w w{n{l.qic.B
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