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Interlinear Bible 2 Samuel 19:5

5 And Joab came into the house to the king, and said, Thou hast shamed this day the faces of all thy servants, which this day have saved thy life, and the lives of thy sons and of thy daughters, and the lives of thy wives, and the lives of thy concubines;
'T.v;b{h r,ma{Y;w tIy'B;h .$,l,M;h -l,a b'aw{y a{b'Y;w ? ~yij.L;m.m;h '$y,d'b][ -l'k yen.P -t,a ~w{Y;h ? '$y,t{n.b.W '$y,n'B v,p,n tea.w ~w{Y;h '$.v.p;n -t,a ? '$y,v.g;liP#st06370 v,p,n.w '$y,v'n v,p,n.w
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