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Interlinear Bible Exodus 4:13-23

13 And he said, O my Lord, send, I pray thee, by the hand of him whom thou wilt send.
x'l.viT -d;y.B#st0994 a'n -x;l.v y'n{d]a yiB r,ma{Y;w
14 And the anger of the LORD was kindled against Moses, and he said, Is not Aaron the Levite thy brother? I know that he can speak well. And also, behold, he cometh forth to meet thee: and when he seeth thee, he will be glad in his heart.
!{r]h;a a{l]h r,ma{Y;w h,v{m.B#st04872 h'wh.y @;a -r;xiY;w ? a.Wh reB;d.y reB;d -yiK yiT.[;d'y yiweL;h '$yix'a#st0251 ? x;m'f.w '$]a'r.w '$,ta'r.qil aec{y a.Wh -heNih ~;g.w ? w{Bil.B
15 And thou shalt speak unto him, and put words in his mouth: and I will be with thy mouth, and with his mouth, and will teach you what ye shall do.
wyip.B ~yir'b.D;h -t,a 'T.m;f.w wy'lea 'T.r;Bid.w ? yityerw{h.w .WhyiP -mi[.w '$yiP -mi[ h,y.h,a yik{n'a.w ? !.Wf][;T r,v]a tea ~,k.t,a
16 And he shall be thy spokesman unto the people: and he shall be, even he shall be to thee instead of a mouth, and thou shalt be to him instead of God.
'$.L -h,y.hIy a.Wh h'y'h.w ~'['h -l,a '$.l a.Wh -r,Bid.w ? ~yih{lael w{L -h,y.hiT h'T;a.w h,p.l
17 And thou shalt take this rod in thine hand, wherewith thou shalt do signs.
w{B -h,f][;T r,v]a '$,d'y.B x;QiT h,Z;h h,J;M;h#st04294 -t,a.w ? t{t{a'h -t,a
18 And Moses went and returned to Jethro his father in law, and said unto him, Let me go, I pray thee, and return unto my brethren which are in Egypt, and see whether they be yet alive. And Jethro said to Moses, Go in peace.
r,ma{Y;w w{n.t{x r,t,y -l,a b'v'Y;w h,v{m .$,leY;w ? ~Iy;r.cim.B#st04714 -r,v]a y;x;a -l,a h'b.Wv'a.w a'N ]h'k.lea w{l ? h,v{m.l w{r.tIy r,ma{Y;w ~yiY;x ~'dw{[;h#st05750 h,a.r,a.w ? ~w{l'v.l .$el
19 And the LORD said unto Moses in Midian, Go, return into Egypt: for all the men are dead which sought thy life.
bUv .$el !'y.dim.B h,v{m#st04872 -l,a h'wh.y r,ma{Y;w ? ~yiv.q;b.m;h ~yiv'n]a'h -l'K .Wtem -yiK ~Iy'r.cim ? '$,v.p;n -t,a
20 And Moses took his wife and his sons, and set them upon an ass, and he returned to the land of Egypt: and Moses took the rod of God in his hand.
~ebiK.r;Y;w wy'n'B -t,a.w w{T.via -t,a h,v{m#st04872 x;QiY;w ? h,v{m#st04872 x;QiY;w ~Iy'r.cim h'c.r;a b'v'Y;w r{m]x;h -l;[ ? w{d'y.B ~yih{l/a'h#st0430 heJ;m -t,a
21 And the LORD said unto Moses, When thou goest to return into Egypt, see that thou do all those wonders before Pharaoh, which I have put in thine hand: but I will harden his heart, that he shall not let the people go.
h'm.y;r.cim b.Wv'l '$.T.k,l.B h,v{m#st04872 -l,a h'wh.y r,ma{Y;w ? ~'tyif][;w '$,d'y.b yiT.m;f -r,v]a ~yit.p{M;h -l'K hea.r ? a{l.w w{Bil#st03820 -t,a qeZ;x]a yin]a;w h{[.r;p#st06547 yen.pil#st06440 ? ~'['h#st05971 -t,a x;L;v.y
22 And thou shalt say unto Pharaoh, Thus saith the LORD, Israel is my son, even my firstborn:
yin.B h'wh.y#st03068 r;m'a h{K h{[.r;P#st06547 -l,a 'T.r;m'a.w ? lea'r.fIy yir{k.b
23 And I say unto thee, Let my son go, that he may serve me: and if thou refuse to let him go, behold, I will slay thy son, even thy firstborn.
!ea'm.T;w yined.b;[;y.w yin.B -t,a x;L;v '$y,lea r;m{a'w ? '$,r{k.B '$.niB -t,a ger{h yik{n'a heNih w{x.L;v.l
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