Isaiah 12:6

6 Cry out and shout, thou inhabitant[a] of Zion: for great is the Holy One of Israel in the midst of thee.

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Isaiah 12:6 Meaning and Commentary

Isaiah 12:6

Cry out, and shout
By singing aloud, with the high praises of God in the mouth: thou inhabitant of Zion:
born and brought up there, free of Zion, that is settled and dwells there, and so happy; since there plenty of provisions is had, health is enjoyed, and the inhabitants in the utmost safety and protection, having the greatest privileges and immunities; and therefore have reason to sing and shout for joy, and especially for what follows: for great [is] the Holy One of Israel in the midst of thee;
by "the Holy One of Israel" is meant Christ, the Redeemer and Husband of this church; see ( Isaiah 48:17 ) ( 54:5 ) because, as God, he is the God of Israel, the spiritual Israel, and as such is holy, even glorious in holiness; and, as man, sprung from Israel, literal Israel, and as such is holy in his nature, acts, and offices; and is the sanctifier of the whole Israel of God, from whom they receive all their holiness: he is "in the midst" of his church, in the midst of Zion, and the inhabitants of it, to whom he has promised his presence, and grants it, and which causes such joy and gladness, as nothing else can give; and here he is "great", and shows himself to be so, the great God, and our Saviour; a Saviour, and a great one; a great King over the holy hill of Zion; and a great High Priest over the house of God; wherefore greatness should be ascribed unto him, and praise be given him.

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4 And in that day shall ye say, Praise the LORD, call upon his name, declare his doings among the people, make mention that his name is exalted.
5 Sing unto the LORD; for he hath done excellent things: this is known in all the earth.
6 Cry out and shout, thou inhabitant of Zion: for great is the Holy One of Israel in the midst of thee.

Footnotes 1

  • [a]. inhabitant: Heb. inhabitress
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