Job 1:13

13 And there was a day when his sons and his daughters were eating and drinking wine in their eldest brother's house:

Job 1:13 Meaning and Commentary

Job 1:13

And there was a day
Which according to the Targum was the first day of the week, but this is not certain, nor material; nor can it be said whether it was the day following that, Satan had leave to do what he would with Job's substance, nor how long this was after that; for though Satan was no doubt eager upon it, and in haste to do mischief; yet besides its requiring some time to get the Sabeans and Chaldeans to march out of their own country into Job's, so he would contrive and fix upon the most proper time to answer his ends and purposes, which was

when his (Job's) sons and daughters were eating, and drinking wine in
their eldest brother's house;
it should rather be rendered, "in the house of their brother, the firstborn"; that is, of Job; for (rwkb) relates not to brethren, but to parents, as Gussetins observes F2: this was either the beginning of a new turn, or rotation of their feasting with each other, which might begin with the elder brother; or this was his birthday; see ( Job 1:4 Job 1:5 ) and this was the day Satan pitched upon to bring all the following calamities and distresses upon Job; partly that they might fall with the greater weight upon him, and more sensibly affect him, coming upon him while his family was feasting; and while he was pleasing himself with the thoughts of having brought up his children to men's and women's estate, and of the affluent circumstances they were in; and of the unity, harmony, and love that subsisted amongst them, of which their present feasting to gether was a proof; and partly that these afflictions might the more look like the judgments of God upon him, just as the men of the old world were eating and drinking when the flood came and destroyed them all, ( Luke 17:27 ) and for the same reasons these were all brought upon him in one day, to crush him the more; and that it might be thought the hand of God was in it, in a way of wrath and vengeance, and so irritate him to curse him to his face, which was what Satan aimed at; see ( Isaiah 47:8 Isaiah 47:9 ) ( Revelation 18:7 Revelation 18:8 ) .


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13 And there was a day when his sons and his daughters were eating and drinking wine in their eldest brother's house:
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