Ben Sira 21:20-28

20 A fool lifteth up his voice with laughter; but a wise man doth scarce smile a little.
21 Learning is unto a wise man as an ornament of gold, and like a bracelet upon his right arm.
22 A foolish man's foot is soon in his neighbour's house: but a man of experience is ashamed of him.
23 A fool will peep in at the door into the house: but he that is well nurtured will stand without.
24 It is the rudeness of a man to hearken at the door: but a wise man will be grieved with the disgrace.
25 The lips of talkers will be telling such things as pertain not unto them: but the words of such as have understanding are weighed in the balance.
26 The heart of fools is in their mouth: but the mouth of the wise is in their heart.
27 When the ungodly curseth Satan, he curseth his own soul.
28 A whisperer defileth his own soul, and is hated wheresoever he dwelleth.
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