A Lament for Pharaoh, King of Egypt

1 {And then} in {the twelfth} year, in the {twelfth} month, on the first [day] of the month, the word of Yahweh {came} to me, {saying},
2 "Son of man, raise a lament over Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, and you must say to him, '[With] a fierce, strong lion among nations you compared yourself, and you [are] like the sea monster in the seas, and you thrash about in your rivers, and you make water turbid with your feet, and you make your rivers muddy.
3 Thus says the Lord Yahweh: Now I will spread my net over you in [the] assembly of many peoples, and I will bring you up in my dragnet.
4 And I will throw you on the ground; on the surface of the open field I will hurl you, and I will cause every bird of the heaven to dwell on you, and I will satisfy the animals of all of the world from you.
5 And I will put your flesh on the mountains, and I will fill the valleys [with] your carcass.
6 And I will water [the] land [with] your discharge from your blood on the mountains, and valleys will be filled from you.
7 And I will cover [you] at extinguishing your heavens, and I will make dark their stars, and I will cover [the] sun with the cloud, and [the] moon will not give its light.
8 All sources of light in the heavens, I will make them dark over you, and I will put darkness on your land,'" {declares} the Lord Yahweh.
9 "And I will disturb [the] hearts of many peoples at my bringing [about] your captivity among the nations, to countries that you do not know.
10 And I will cause many peoples to be awestruck over you, and their kings will shudder over you [in] horror, at my brandishing my sword before their faces, and they will tremble {continually}, each [person] for his life, on the day of your downfall."
11 For thus says the Lord Yahweh: "The sword of the king of Babylon, it will come to you.
12 By the swords of warriors I will cause to fall your hordes [by] [the most] ruthless of [the] nations, all of them, and they will devastate the majesty of Egypt, and all of its hordes will be destroyed.
13 And I will destroy all her domestic livestock {beside} many waters. [The] feet of humans will not make them turbid again, and [the] hooves of domestic livestock will not make them turbid.
14 Then I will make their waters settle, and their rivers as the olive oil I will let flow," {declares} the Lord Yahweh.
15 "Then I make the land of Egypt [a] desolation, so that the land will be stripped from its fullness when I strike all of [those] dwelling in it, and they will know that I [am] Yahweh.
16 {This is} a lament, and they will chant it as a lament; the daughters [of] the nations will chant it as a lament over Egypt, and over all of its hordes they will chant it as a lament," {declares} the Lord Yahweh.
17 {And then} in the {twelfth} year, {on the fifteenth} [day] of the month, the word of Yahweh {came} to me, {saying},
18 "Son of man, mourn over the hordes of Egypt, and make her go down, [and] with her [the] daughters of mighty nations, {down to the deep underworld} with [the people] going down to [the] grave.
19 {You are more lovely than whom}? Go down and be laid in rest with [the] uncircumcised.
20 In the midst of [the] people slain by [the] sword it is given they will fall [to] a sword; they carried her off and all of her hordes.
21 [The] chiefs of [the] warriors will speak to him from the middle of Sheol; with his helpers they have gone down; the uncircumcised lie [still], {those slain by the sword}.
22 Assyria [is] there and all of its assembly; all around it [are] its graves, all of them killed, those fallen by the sword,
23 who will be given its graves in [the] remote areas of [the] pit, and its assembly will be all around its grave, all of them killed, fallen by the sword, [those] who spread terror in [the] land of [the] living.
24 Elam [is] there and all of its hordes, all around its grave, all of them dead who fell by the sword, [those] who went down uncircumcised to [the] depths of [the] underworld, [those] who spread their terror to [the] land of [the] living, and [now] they bear their disgrace with [the people] going down [to the] grave.
25 In the midst of [the] slain they made a bed for her with all of her hordes all around its graves, all of them uncircumcised, slain by [the] sword, for their terror was spread in [the] land of [the] living, and they [now] bear their disgrace with [the people] going down to [the] grave; in the midst of [the] slain it was placed.
26 Meshech [and] Tubal [are] there and all of its hordes, all around him its graves, all of them uncircumcised [and] killed by [the] sword, for they gave their terror in [the] land of [the] living.
27 And they do not lie with warriors fallen from long ago, who went down [to] Sheol with their weapons of war, and they placed their sword under their heads, and their shields were on their bones, for [the] terror of [the] warriors [was] in [the] land of the living.
28 And you [too] in the midst of uncircumcised [people] will be broken, and you will lie with [those] slain by [the] sword.
29 There [is] Edom, its kings and all of its leaders who are laid [along] with their might with [those] killed by [the] sword; they will lie with [the] uncircumcised and with [the people] going down to the grave.
30 There are [also] the princes of [the] north, all of them, all of [the] Sidonians who have gone down, being ashamed [to lie] with [the] slain because of their terror [that they caused] from their might, and they lie uncircumcised with [those killed] by [the] sword, and they bear their disgrace [along with] [the people] going down to [the] grave.
31 Pharaoh will see them, and he will be comforted over all of his hordes killed by [the] sword, Pharaoh and all of his army," {declares} the Lord Yahweh.
32 "For he spread my terror in [the] land of [the] living, and [so] he will be laid down in the midst of the uncircumcised with those killed by [the] sword: Pharaoh and all of his hordes,"{declares} the Lord Yahweh.