Leviticus 13:18-23

18 “When someone has a boil on their skin and it heals,
19 and in the place where the boil was, a white swelling or reddish-white spot appears, they must present themselves to the priest.
20 The priest is to examine it, and if it appears to be more than skin deep and the hair in it has turned white, the priest shall pronounce that person unclean. It is a defiling skin disease that has broken out where the boil was.
21 But if, when the priest examines it, there is no white hair in it and it is not more than skin deep and has faded, then the priest is to isolate them for seven days.
22 If it is spreading in the skin, the priest shall pronounce them unclean; it is a defiling disease.
23 But if the spot is unchanged and has not spread, it is only a scar from the boil, and the priest shall pronounce them clean.
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