1 Woe to them that go down to Egypt for help, who trust in horses and chariots, for they are many; and in horses, a great multitude; and have not trusted in the Holy One of Israel, and have not sought the Lord.
2 Therefore he has wisely brought evils upon them, and his word shall not be frustrated; and he shall rise up against the houses of wicked men, and against their vain hope,
3 an Egyptian, a man, and not God; the flesh of horses, and there is no help : but the Lord shall bring his hand upon them, and the helpers shall fail, and all shall perish together.
4 For thus said the Lord to me, As a lion would roar, or a lion's whelp over prey which he has taken, and cry over it, until the mountains are filled with his voice, and are awe-struck and tremble at the fierceness of his wrath: so the Lord of hosts shall descend to fight upon the mount Sion, upon her mountains.
5 As birds flying, so shall the Lord of hosts defend; he shall defend Jerusalem, and he shall rescue, and save and deliver.
6 Turn, ye children of Israel, who devise a deep and sinful counsel.
7 For in that day men shall renounce their silver idols and golden idols, which their hands made.
8 And the Assyrian shall fall: not the sword of a great man, nor the sword of a mean man shall devour him; neither shall he flee from the face of the sword: but the young men shall be overthrown:
9 for they shall be compassed with rocks as with a trench, and shall be worsted; and he that flees shall be taken. Thus saith the Lord, Blesses is he that has a seed in Sion, and household friends in Jerusalem.