Joshua 17:10-18

10 Southward to Ephraim, and northward to Manasse; and the sea shall be their cost; and northward they shall border upon Aseb, and eastward upon Issachar.
11 And Manasses shall have in Issachar and Aser Baethsan and their villages, and the inhabitants of Dor, and its villages, and the inhabitants of Mageddo, and its villages, and the third part of Mapheta, and its villages.
12 And the sons of Manasse were not able to destroy these cities; and the Chananite began to dwell in that land.
13 And it came to pass that when the children of Israel were strong, they made the Chananites subject, but they did not utterly destroy them.
14 And the sons of Joseph answered Joshua, saying, Wherefore hast thou caused us to inherit one inheritance, and one line? whereas I am a great people, and God has blessed me.
15 And Joshua said to them, If thou be a great people, go up to the forest, and clear for thyself, If mount Ephraim be too little for thee.
16 And they said, The mount of Ephraim does not please us, and the Chananite dwelling in it in Baethsan, and in its villages, in the valley of Jezrael, has choice cavalry and iron.
17 And Joshua said to the sons of Joseph, If thou art a great people, and hast great strength, thou shalt not have one inheritance.
18 For thou shalt have the wood, for there is a wood, and thou shalt clear it, and shall be thine; even when thou shalt have utterly destroyed the Chananite, for he has chosen cavalry; yet thou art stronger than he.
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