13 And king Solomon sent, and took Chiram out of Tyre,
14 the son of a widow woman; and he of the tribe of Nephthalim, and his father a Tyrian; a worker in brass, and accomplished in art and skill and knowledge to work every work in brass: and he was brought in to king Solomon, and he wrought all the works.
15 And he cast the two pillars for the porch of the house: eighteen cubits the height of pillar, and a circumference of fourteen cubits encompassed it, even the thickness of the pillar: the flutings four fingers , and thus the other pillar .
16 And he made two molten chapiters to put on the heads of the pillars: five cubits the height of one chapiter, and five cubits the height of the other chapiter.
17 And he made two ornaments of net-work to cover the chapiters of the pillars; even a net for one chapiter, and a net for the other chapiter.
18 And hanging work, two rows of brazen pomegranates, formed with net-work, hanging work, row upon row: and thus he framed for the second chapiter. And he set up the pillars of the porch of the temple: and he set up the one pillar, and called its name Jachum: and he set up the second pillar, and called its name Boloz.
19 And on the heads of the pillars he made lily-work against the porch, of four cubits,
20 and a chamber over both the pillars, and above the sides an addition the chamber in width.
23 And he made the sea, ten cubits from one rim to the other, the same was completely circular round about: its height five cubits, and its circumference thirty-three cubits.
24 And stays underneath its rim round about compassed it ten cubits round;
25 And twelve oxen under the sea: three looking to the north, and three looking to the west, and three looking to the south, and three looking to the east: and all their hinder parts inward, and the sea above upon them.
26 and its rim as the work of the rim of a cup, a lily-flower, and the thickness of it a span.
27 And he made ten brazen bases: five cubits the length of one base, and four cubits the breadth of it, and its height six cubits.
28 And this work of the bases formed with a border the them, and a border between the ledges.
29 And upon their borders between the projection lions, and oxen, and cherubs: and on the projections, even so above, and also below the places of lions and oxen, hanging work.
30 And four brazen wheels to one base; and brazen bases, and their four sides , side pieces under the bases.
31 And axles in the wheels under the base.
32 And the height of one wheel a cubit and a half.
33 And the work of the wheels as the work of chariot wheels: their axles, and their felloes, and their work, all molten.
34 The four side pieces were at the four corners of each base; its shoulders of the base.
35 And on the top of the base half a cubit the size of it, a circle on the top of the base, and the top of its spaces and its borders: and it was open at the top of its spaces.
36 And its borders cherubs, and lions, and palm-trees, upright, each joined in front within and round about.
37 According to the same form he made all the ten bases, one order and one measure to all.
38 And he made ten brazen lavers, each laver containing forty baths, measuring four cubits, each laver on a several base throughout the ten bases.
39 And he put five bases on the right side of the house, and five on the left side of the house: and the sea was placed on the right side of the house eastward in the direction of the south.
40 And Chiram made the caldrons, and the pans, and the bowls; and Chiram finished making all the works that he wrought for king Solomon in the house of the Lord:
41 two pillars and the wreathen works of the pillars on the heads of the two pillars; and the two net-works to cover both the wreathen works of the flutings that were upon the pillars.
42 The four hundred pomegranates for both the net-works, two rows of pomegranates for one net-work, to cover both the wreathen works of the bases belonging to both pillars.
43 And the ten bases, and the ten lavers upon the bases.
44 And one sea, and the twelve oxen under the sea.
45 And the caldrons, and pans, and bowls, and all the furniture, which Chiram made for king Solomon for the house of the Lord: and eight and forty pillars of the house of the king and of the house of the Lord: all the works of the king which Chiram made were entirely of brass.
47 There was no reckoning of the brass of which he made all these works, from the very great abundance, there was no end of the weight of the brass.
48 And king Solomon took the furniture which made for the house of the Lord, the golden altar, and the golden table of shewbread.
49 And the five candlesticks on the left, and five on the right in front of the oracle, of pure gold, and the lamp-stands, and the lamps, and the snuffers of gold.
50 And the porches, and the nails, and the bowls, and the spoons, and the golden censers, of pure gold: and the panels of the doors of the innermost part of the house, the holy of holies, and the golden doors of the temple.
51 So the work of the house of the Lord which Solomon wrought was finished; and Solomon brought in the holy things of David his father, and all the holy things of Solomon; he put the silver, and the gold, and the furniture, into the treasures of the house of the Lord.