Leviticus 6:31-40

31 And this the law of the ram for the trespass-offering; it is most holy.
32 In the place where they slay the whole-burnt-offering, they shall slay the ram of the trespass-offering before the Lord, and he shall pour out the blood at the bottom of the altar round about.
33 And he shall offer all the fat from it; and the loins, and all the fat that covers the inwards, and all the fat that is upon the inwards,
34 and the two kidneys, and the fat that is upon them, that which is upon the thighs, and the caul upon the liver with the kidney, he shall take them away.
35 And the priest shall offer them on the altar a burnt-offering to the Lord; it is for trespass.
36 Every male of the priest shall eat them, in the holy place they shall eat them: they are most holy.
37 As the sin-offering, so also the trespass-offering. There is one law of them; the priest who shall make atonement with it, his it shall be.
38 And the priest who offers a man's whole-burnt-offering, the skin of the whole-burnt-offering which he offers, shall be his.
39 And every sacrifice which shall be prepared in the oven, and every one which shall be prepared on the hearth, or on a frying-pan, it is the property of the priest that offers it; it shall be his.
40 And every sacrifice made up with oil, or not made up , shall belong to the sons of Aaron, an equal portion to each.
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