Ezekiel 1:5-15

5 Within the fire were what looked like four creatures vibrant with life. Each had the form of a human being,
6 but each also had four faces and four wings.
7 Their legs were as sturdy and straight as columns, but their feet were hoofed like those of a calf and sparkled from the fire like burnished bronze.
8 On all four sides under their wings they had human hands. All four had both faces and wings,
9 with the wings touching one another. They turned neither one way nor the other; they went straight forward.
10 Their faces looked like this: In front a human face, on the right side the face of a lion, on the left the face of an ox, and in back the face of an eagle.
11 So much for the faces. The wings were spread out with the tips of one pair touching the creature on either side; the other pair of wings covered its body.
12 Each creature went straight ahead. Wherever the spirit went, they went. They didn't turn as they went.
13 The four creatures looked like a blazing fire, or like fiery torches. Tongues of fire shot back and forth between the creatures, and out of the fire, bolts of lightning.
14 The creatures flashed back and forth like strikes of lightning.
15 As I watched the four creatures, I saw something that looked like a wheel on the ground beside each of the four-faced creatures.