It’s Here! Your Complimentary 2022 Israel Calendar

Leviticus 3:12-17

12 "If the offering is a goat, bring it into the presence of God,
13 lay your hand on its head, and slaughter it in front of the Tent of Meeting. Aaron's sons will throw the blood on all sides of the Altar.
14 As a Fire-Gift to God present the fat that covers and is connected to the entrails,
15 the two kidneys and the fat which is around them on the loins, and the lobe of the liver which is removed along with the kidneys.
16 The priest will burn them on the Altar: a meal, a Fire-Gift, a pleasing fragrance.
17 This is the fixed rule down through the generations, wherever you happen to live: Don't eat the fat; don't eat the blood. None of it."
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