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Nehemiah 11:25-36

25 Some of the Judeans lived in the villages near their farms: Kiriath Arba (Hebron) and suburbs Dibon and suburbs Jekabzeel and suburbs
26 eshua Moladah Beth Pelet
27 Hazar Shual Beersheba and suburbs
28 Ziklag Meconah and suburbs
29 En Rimmon Zorah Jarmuth
30 Zanoah Adullam and their towns Lachish and its fields Azekah and suburbs. They were living all the way from Beersheba to the Valley of Hinnom.
31 The Benjaminites from Geba lived in: Micmash Aijah Bethel and its suburbs
32 Anathoth Nob and Ananiah
33 Hazor Ramah and Gittaim
34 Hadid, Zeboim, and Neballat
35 Lod and Ono and the Valley of the Craftsmen.
36 Also some of the Levitical groups of Judah were assigned to Benjamin.
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