Numbers 26:51

51 The total number of the People of Israel: 601,730.

Numbers 26:51 Meaning and Commentary

Numbers 26:51

These were the numbered of the children of Israel
The twelve tribes, consisting of so many families, as above named; and the sum total of persons in them of twenty years old and upwards, and fit for war, was

six hundred and one thousand and seven hundred and thirty;
so that though all those that were numbered thirty years ago were now dead, excepting Joshua and Caleb, yet there wanted but 1820 of that number; so mindful was the Lord of his promise, and so faithful to keep it, notwithstanding the provocations of these people, to increase and multiply them, that they had pretty near the number to go into the land of Canaan which they had when they came out of Egypt.

Numbers 26:51 In-Context

49 Jezer and the Jezerite clan, Shillem and the Shillemite clan.
50 These were the clans of Naphtali. They numbered 45,400.
51 The total number of the People of Israel: 601,730.
52 God spoke to Moses:
53 "Divide up the inheritance of the land based on population.
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