Numbers 26:53

53 "Divide up the inheritance of the land based on population.

Numbers 26:53 Meaning and Commentary

Numbers 26:53

Unto these the land shall be divided for an inheritance
That were numbered, and to none else:

according to the number of their names;
and for this end was the number of them now taken, that the land might be equally divided among them; women and minors, or such as were under twenty years of age, had no share in it; and even only those who were at that age at this time; so Jarchi says, it was not divided to any that were less than twenty years of age, even though they came to be full twenty before the division of the land; for they were seven years subduing it, and seven years dividing it, yet none took any part of it but these 601,730: nay, he says, if a man had six children they took but their father's part only.

Numbers 26:53 In-Context

51 The total number of the People of Israel: 601,730.
52 God spoke to Moses:
53 "Divide up the inheritance of the land based on population.
54 A larger group gets a larger inheritance; a smaller group gets a smaller inheritance - each gets its inheritance based on the population count.
55 "Make sure that the land is assigned by lot.