2 Chronicles 28:16-27

Compromise with Assyria

16 1At that time King Ahaz sent to the kings of Assyria for help.
17 2For again the Edomites had come and attacked Judah and carried away captives.
18 3The Philistines also had invaded the cities of the lowland and of the Negev of Judah, and had taken Beth-shemesh, Aijalon, Gederoth, and Soco with its villages, Timnah with its villages, and Gimzo with its villages, and they settled there.
19 For the LORD humbled Judah because of Ahaz king of 4Israel, for he had brought about a lack of restraint in Judah and was very unfaithful to the LORD.
21 6Although Ahaz took a portion out of the house of the LORD and out of the palace of the king and of the princes, and gave it to the king of Assyria, it did not help him.
22 Now in the time of his distress this same King Ahaz 7became yet more unfaithful to the LORD.
23 8For he sacrificed to the gods of Damascus which had defeated him, and said, "9Because the gods of the kings of Aram helped them, I will sacrifice to them that they may help me." But they became the downfall of him and all Israel.
24 Moreover, when Ahaz gathered together the utensils of the house of God, he 10cut the utensils of the house of God in pieces; and he 11closed the doors of the house of the LORD and 12made altars for himself in every corner of Jerusalem.
25 In every city of Judah he made high places to burn incense to other gods, and provoked the LORD, the God of his fathers, to anger.
26 13Now the rest of his acts and all his ways, from first to last, behold, they are written in the Book of the Kings of Judah and Israel.
27 14So Ahaz slept with his fathers, and they buried him in the city, in Jerusalem, for they did not bring him into the tombs of the kings of 15Israel; and Hezekiah his son reigned in his place.
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