Job 2:11; Job 7:13; Job 16:2; Job 21:34; Job 29:25; Job 42:6; Job 42:11

11 Now when Job's three friends heard of all this adversity that had come upon him, they came each one from his own place, Eliphaz the Temanite, Bildad the Shuhite and Zophar the Naamathite; and they made an appointment together to come to sympathize with him and comfort him.
13 "If I say, 'My bed will comfort me, My couch will ease my complaint,'
2 "I have heard many such things; Sorry comforters are you all.
34 "How then will you vainly comfort me, For your answers remain full of falsehood?"
25 "I chose a way for them and sat as chief, And dwelt as a king among the troops, As one who comforted the mourners.
6 Therefore I retract, And I repent in dust and ashes."
11 Then all his brothers and all his sisters and all who had known him before came to him, and they ate bread with him in his house; and they consoled him and comforted him for all the adversities that the LORD had brought on him. And each one gave him one piece of money, and each a ring of gold.