2 Kings 15:23-26

23 Pekahiah son of Menahem became king over Israel in Samaria during Uzziah'sn fiftieth year as king of Judah. Pekahiah ruled two years,
24 and he did what the Lord said was wrong. Jeroboam son of Nebat had led Israel to sin, and Pekahiah did not stop doing the same sins.
25 Pekah son of Remaliah was one of Pekahiah's captains, and he made plans against Pekahiah. He took fifty men of Gilead with him and killed Pekahiah, as well as Argob and Arieh, in the palace at Samaria. Then Pekah became king in Pekahiah's place.
26 Everything else Pekahiah did is written in the book of the history of the kings of Israel.
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