Ezekiel 26:12-21

12 Also, his men will take away your riches and will steal the things you sell. They will break down your walls and destroy your nice houses. They will throw your stones, wood, and trash into the sea.
13 So I will stop your songs; the music of your harps will not be heard anymore.
14 I will make you a bare rock, and you will be a place for drying fishing nets. You will not be built again, because I, the Lord, have spoken, says the Lord God.
15 "This is what the Lord God says to Tyre: The people who live along the seacoast will shake with fear when they hear about your defeat. Those of you who are injured and dying will groan.
16 Then all the leaders of the seacoast will get down from their thrones, take off their beautiful needlework clothes, and show how afraid they are. They will sit on the ground and tremble all the time. When they see you, they will be shocked.
17 They will begin singing a funeral song about you and will say to you: 'Tyre, you famous city, you have been destroyed! You have lost your sea power! You and your people had great power on the seas. You made everyone around you afraid of you.
18 Now the people who live by the coast tremble, now that you have fallen. The islands of the sea are afraid because you have been defeated.'
19 "This is what the Lord God says: I will make you an empty city, like cities that have no people living in them. I will bring the deep ocean waters over you, and the Mediterranean Sea will cover you.
20 At that time I will send you down to the place of the dead to join those who died long ago. I will make you live with the dead below the earth in places that are like old ruins. You will not come back from there or have any place in the world of the living again.
21 Other people will be afraid of what happened to you, and it will be the end of you. People will look for you, but they will never find you again, says the Lord God."
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