Genesis 35:11-21

11 God said to him, "I am God Almighty. Have many children and grow in number as a nation. You will be the ancestor of many nations and kings.
12 The same land I gave to Abraham and Isaac I will give to you and your descendants."
13 Then God left him.
14 Jacob set up a stone on edge in that place where God had talked to him, and he poured a drink offering and olive oil on it to make it special for God.
15 And Jacob named the place Bethel.
16 Jacob and his group left Bethel. Before they came to Ephrath, Rachel began giving birth to her baby,
17 but she was having much trouble. When Rachel's nurse saw this, she said, "Don't be afraid, Rachel. You are giving birth to another son."
18 Rachel gave birth to the son, but she herself died. As she lay dying, she named the boy Son of My Suffering, but Jacob called him Benjamin.
19 Rachel was buried on the road to Ephrath, a district of Bethlehem,
20 and Jacob set up a rock on her grave to honor her. That rock is still there.
21 Then Israeln continued his journey and camped just south of Migdal Eder.
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