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Psalm 103; Psalm 104; Psalm 105

1 My whole being, praise the Lord; all my being, praise his holy name. 2 My whole being, praise the Lord and do not forget all his kindnesses. 3 He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases. 4 He saves my life from the grave and loads me with love and mercy. 5 He satisfies me with good things and makes me young again, like the eagle. 6 The Lord does what is right and fair for all who are wronged by others. 7 He showed his ways to Moses and his deeds to the people of Israel. 8 The Lord shows mercy and is kind. He does not become angry quickly, and he has great love. 9 He will not always accuse us, and he will not be angry forever. 10 He has not punished us as our sins should be punished; he has not repaid us for the evil we have done. 11 As high as the sky is above the earth, so great is his love for those who respect him. 12 He has taken our sins away from us as far as the east is from west. 13 The Lord has mercy on those who respect him, as a father has mercy on his children. 14 He knows how we were made; he remembers that we are dust. 15 Human life is like grass; we grow like a flower in the field. 16 After the wind blows, the flower is gone, and there is no sign of where it was. 17 But the Lord's love for those who respect him continues forever and ever, and his goodness continues to their grandchildren 18 and to those who keep his agreement and who remember to obey his orders. 19 The Lord has set his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over everything. 20 You who are his angels, praise the Lord. You are the mighty warriors who do what he says and who obey his voice. 21 You, his armies, praise the Lord; you are his servants who do what he wants. 22 Everything the Lord has made should praise him in all the places he rules. My whole being, praise the Lord.
1 My whole being, praise the Lord. Lord my God, you are very great. You are clothed with glory and majesty; 2 you wear light like a robe. You stretch out the skies like a tent. 3 You build your room above the clouds. You make the clouds your chariot, and you ride on the wings of the wind. 4 You make the winds your messengers, and flames of fire are your servants. 5 You built the earth on its foundations so it can never be moved. 6 You covered the earth with oceans; the water was above the mountains. 7 But at your command, the water rushed away. When you thundered your orders, it hurried away. 8 The mountains rose; the valleys sank. The water went to the places you made for it. 9 You set borders for the seas that they cannot cross, so water will never cover the earth again. 10 You make springs pour into the ravines; they flow between the mountains. 11 They water all the wild animals; the wild donkeys come there to drink. 12 Wild birds make nests by the water; they sing among the tree branches. 13 You water the mountains from above. The earth is full of the things you made. 14 You make the grass for cattle and vegetables for the people. You make food grow from the earth. 15 You give us wine that makes happy hearts and olive oil that makes our faces shine. You give us bread that gives us strength. 16 The Lord's trees have plenty of water; they are the cedars of Lebanon, which he planted. 17 The birds make their nests there; the stork's home is in the fir trees. 18 The high mountains belong to the wild goats. The rocks are hiding places for the badgers. 19 You made the moon to mark the seasons, and the sun always knows when to set. 20 You make it dark, and it becomes night. Then all the wild animals creep around. 21 The lions roar as they attack. They look to God for food. 22 When the sun rises, they leave and go back to their dens to lie down. 23 Then people go to work and work until evening. 24 Lord, you have made many things; with your wisdom you made them all. The earth is full of your riches. 25 Look at the sea, so big and wide, with creatures large and small that cannot be counted. 26 Ships travel over the ocean, and there is the sea monster Leviathan, which you made to play there. 27 All these things depend on you to give them their food at the right time. 28 When you give it to them, they gather it up. When you open your hand, they are filled with good food. 29 When you turn away from them, they become frightened. When you take away their breath, they die and turn to dust. 30 When you breathe on them, they are created, and you make the land new again. 31 May the glory of the Lord be forever. May the Lord enjoy what he has made. 32 He just looks at the earth, and it shakes. He touches the mountains, and they smoke. 33 I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praises to my God as long as I live. 34 May my thoughts please him; I am happy in the Lord. 35 Let sinners be destroyed from the earth, and let the wicked live no longer. My whole being, praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.
1 Give thanks to the Lord and pray to him. Tell the nations what he has done. 2 Sing to him; sing praises to him. Tell about all his miracles. 3 Be glad that you are his; let those who seek the Lord be happy. 4 Depend on the Lord and his strength; always go to him for help. 5 Remember the miracles he has done; remember his wonders and his decisions. 6 You are descendants of his servant Abraham, the children of Jacob, his chosen people. 7 He is the Lord our God. His laws are for all the world. 8 He will keep his agreement forever; he will keep his promises always. 9 He will keep the agreement he made with Abraham and the promise he made to Isaac. 10 He made it a law for the people of Jacob; he made it an agreement with Israel to last forever. 11 The Lord said, "I will give you the land of Canaan, and it will belong to you." 12 Then God's people were few in number. They were strangers in the land. 13 They went from one nation to another, from one kingdom to another. 14 But the Lord did not let anyone hurt them; he warned kings not to harm them. 15 He said, "Don't touch my chosen people, and don't harm my prophets." 16 God ordered a time of hunger in the land, and he destroyed all the food. 17 Then he sent a man ahead of them -- Joseph, who was sold as a slave. 18 They put chains around his feet and an iron ring around his neck. 19 Then the time he had spoken of came, and the Lord's words proved that Joseph was right. 20 The king of Egypt sent for Joseph and freed him; the ruler of the people set him free. 21 He made him the master of his house; Joseph was in charge of his riches. 22 He could order the princes as he wished. He taught the older men to be wise. 23 Then his father Israel came to Egypt; Jacobn lived in Egypt. 24 The Lord made his people grow in number, and he made them stronger than their enemies. 25 He caused the Egyptians to hate his people and to make plans against his servants. 26 Then he sent his servant Moses, and Aaron, whom he had chosen. 27 They did many signs among the Egyptians and worked wonders in Egypt. 28 The Lord sent darkness and made the land dark, but the Egyptians turned against what he said. 29 So he changed their water into blood and made their fish die. 30 Then their country was filled with frogs, even in the bedrooms of their rulers. 31 The Lord spoke and flies came, and gnats were everywhere in the country. 32 He made hail fall like rain and sent lightning through their land. 33 He struck down their grapevines and fig trees, and he destroyed every tree in the country. 34 He spoke and grasshoppers came; the locusts were too many to count. 35 They ate all the plants in the land and everything the earth produced. 36 The Lord also killed all the firstborn sons in the land, the oldest son of each family. 37 Then he brought his people out, and they carried with them silver and gold. Not one of his people stumbled. 38 The Egyptians were glad when they left, because the Egyptians were afraid of them. 39 The Lord covered them with a cloud and lit up the night with fire. 40 When they asked, he brought them quail and filled them with bread from heaven. 41 God split the rock, and water flowed out; it ran like a river through the desert. 42 He remembered his holy promise to his servant Abraham. 43 So God brought his people out with joy, his chosen ones with singing. 44 He gave them lands of other nations, so they received what others had worked for. 45 This was so they would keep his orders and obey his teachings.
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