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Psalm 133; Psalm 134; Psalm 135; Psalm 136; Psalm 137; Psalm 138; Psalm 139

1 It is good and pleasant when God's people live together in peace! 2 It is like perfumed oil poured on the priest's head and running down his beard. and on to the collar of his robes. 3 It is like the dew of Mount Hermon falling on the hills of Jerusalem. of life forever. Temple Guards, Praise the Lord A song for going up to worship.
1 Praise the Lord, all you servants of the Lord, you who serve at night in the Temple of the Lord. 2 Raise your hands in the Temple and praise the Lord. 3 May the Lord bless you from Mount Zion, he who made heaven and earth. The Lord Saves, Idols Do Not
1 Praise the Lord! Praise the name of the Lord; praise him, you servants of the Lord, 2 you who stand in the Lord's Temple and in the Temple courtyards. 3 Praise the Lord, because he is good; sing praises to him, because it is pleasant. 4 The Lord has chosen the people of Jacob for himself; he has chosen the people of Israel for his very own. 5 I know that the Lord is great. Our Lord is greater than all the gods. 6 The Lord does what he pleases, in heaven and on earth, in the seas and the deep oceans. 7 He brings the clouds from the ends of the earth. He sends the lightning with the rain. He brings out the wind from his storehouses. 8 He destroyed the firstborn sons in Egypt the firstborn of both people and animals. 9 He did many signs and miracles in Egypt against the king and his servants. 10 He defeated many nations and killed powerful kings: 11 Sihon king of the Amorites, Og king of Bashan, and all the kings of Canaan. 12 Then he gave their land as a gift, a gift to his people, the Israelites. 13 Lord, your name is everlasting; Lord, you will be remembered forever. 14 The Lord defends his people and has mercy on his servants. 15 The idols of other nations are made of silver and gold, the work of human hands. 16 They have mouths, but they cannot speak. They have eyes, but they cannot see. 17 They have ears, but they cannot hear. They have no breath in their mouths. 18 People who make idols will be like them, and so will those who trust them. 19 Family of Israel, praise the Lord. Family of Aaron, praise the Lord. 20 Family of Levi, praise the Lord. You who respect the Lord should praise him. 21 You people of Jerusalem, praise the Lord on Mount Zion.
1 Give thanks to the Lord because he is good. His love continues forever. 2 Give thanks to the God of gods. His love continues forever. 3 Give thanks to the Lord of lords. His love continues forever. 4 Only he can do great miracles. His love continues forever. 5 With his wisdom he made the skies. His love continues forever. 6 He spread out the earth on the seas. His love continues forever. 7 He made the sun and the moon. His love continues forever. 8 He made the sun to rule the day. His love continues forever. 9 He made the moon and stars to rule the night. His love continues forever. 10 He killed the firstborn sons of the Egyptians. His love continues forever. 11 He brought the people of Israel out of Egypt. His love continues forever. 12 He did it with his great power and strength. His love continues forever. 13 He parted the water of the Red Sea. His love continues forever. 14 He brought the Israelites through the middle of it. His love continues forever. 15 But the king of Egypt and his army drowned in the Red Sea. His love continues forever. 16 He led his people through the desert. His love continues forever. 17 He defeated great kings. His love continues forever. 18 He killed powerful kings. His love continues forever. 19 He defeated Sihon king of the Amorites. His love continues forever. 20 He defeated Og king of Bashan. His love continues forever. 21 He gave their land as a gift. His love continues forever. 22 It was a gift to his servants, the Israelites. His love continues forever. 23 He remembered us when we were in trouble. His love continues forever. 24 He freed us from our enemies. His love continues forever. 25 He gives food to every living creature. His love continues forever. 26 Give thanks to the God of heaven. His love continues forever.
1 By the rivers in Babylon we sat and cried when we remembered Jerusalem. 2 On the poplar trees nearby we hung our harps. 3 Those who captured us asked us to sing; our enemies wanted happy songs. They said, "Sing us a song about Jerusalem!" 4 But we cannot sing songs about the Lord while we are in this foreign country! 5 Jerusalem, if I forget you, let my right hand lose its skill. 6 Let my tongue stick to the roof of my mouth if I do not remember you, if I do not think about Jerusalem as my greatest joy. 7 Lord, remember what the Edomites did on the day Jerusalem fell. They said, "Tear it down! Tear it down to its foundations!" 8 People of Babylon, you will be destroyed. The people who pay you back for what you did to us will be happy. 9 They will grab your babies and throw them against the rocks. A psalm of David.
1 Lord, I will thank you with all my heart; I will sing to you before the gods. 2 I will bow down facing your holy Temple, and I will thank you for your love and loyalty. You have made your name and your word greater than anything. 3 On the day I called to you, you answered me. You made me strong and brave. 4 Lord, let all the kings of the earth praise you when they hear the words you speak. 5 They will sing about what the Lord has done, because the Lord's glory is great. 6 Though the Lord is supreme, he takes care of those who are humble, but he stays away from the proud. 7 Lord, even when I have trouble all around me, you will keep me alive. When my enemies are angry, you will reach down and save me by your power. 8 Lord, you do everything for me. Lord, your love continues forever. Do not leave us, whom you made.
1 Lord, you have examined me and know all about me. 2 You know when I sit down and when I get up. You know my thoughts before I think them. 3 You know where I go and where I lie down. You know thoroughly everything I do. 4 Lord, even before I say a word, you already know it. 5 You are all around me -- in front and in back -- and have put your hand on me. 6 Your knowledge is amazing to me; it is more than I can understand. 7 Where can I go to get away from your Spirit? Where can I run from you? 8 If I go up to the heavens, you are there. If I lie down in the grave, you are there. 9 If I rise with the sun in the east and settle in the west beyond the sea, 10 even there you would guide me. With your right hand you would hold me. 11 I could say, "The darkness will hide me. Let the light around me turn into night." 12 But even the darkness is not dark to you. The night is as light as the day; darkness and light are the same to you. 13 You made my whole being; you formed me in my mother's body. 14 I praise you because you made me in an amazing and wonderful way. What you have done is wonderful. I know this very well. 15 You saw my bones being formed as I took shape in my mother's body. When I was put together there, 16 you saw my body as it was formed. All the days planned for me were written in your book before I was one day old. 17 God, your thoughts are precious to me. They are so many! 18 If I could count them, they would be more than all the grains of sand. When I wake up, I am still with you. 19 God, I wish you would kill the wicked! Get away from me, you murderers! 20 They say evil things about you. Your enemies use your name thoughtlessly. 21 Lord, I hate those who hate you; I hate those who rise up against you. 22 I feel only hate for them; they are my enemies. 23 God, examine me and know my heart; test me and know my nervous thoughts. 24 See if there is any bad thing in me. Lead me on the road to everlasting life.
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