1 Lord, you have been kind to your land; you brought back the people of Jacob.
2 You forgave the guilt of the people and covered all their sins. Selah
3 You stopped all your anger; you turned back from your strong anger.
4 God our Savior, bring us back again. Stop being angry with us.
5 Will you be angry with us forever? Will you stay angry from now on?
6 Won't you give us life again? Your people would rejoice in you.
7 Lord, show us your love, and save us.
8 I will listen to God the Lord. He has ordered peace for those who worship him. Don't let them go back to foolishness.
9 God will soon save those who respect him, and his glory will be seen in our land.
10 Love and truth belong to God's people; goodness and peace will be theirs.
11 On earth people will be loyal to God, and God's goodness will shine down from heaven.
12 The Lord will give his goodness, and the land will give its crops.
13 Goodness will go before God and prepare the way for him. A prayer of David.