1 The Lord is king. Let the earth rejoice; faraway lands should be glad.
2 Thick, dark clouds surround him. His kingdom is built on what is right and fair.
3 A fire goes before him and burns up his enemies all around.
4 His lightning lights up the world; when the people see it, they tremble.
5 The mountains melt like wax before the Lord, before the Lord of all the earth.
6 The heavens tell about his goodness, and all the people see his glory.
7 Those who worship idols should be ashamed; they brag about their gods. All the gods should worship the Lord.
8 When Jerusalem hears this, she is glad, and the towns of Judah rejoice. They are happy because of your judgments, Lord.
9 You are the Lord Most High over all the earth; you are supreme over all gods.
10 People who love the Lord hate evil. and frees them from the power of the wicked.
11 Light shines on those who do right; joy belongs to those who are honest.
12 Rejoice in the Lord, you who do right. Praise his holy name. A psalm.