Psalm 26; Psalm 40; Psalm 58; Psalm 61; Psalm 62; Psalm 64

1 Lord, when you hand down your sentence, let it be in my favor. I have lived without blame. I have trusted in the Lord. I have never doubted him. 2 Lord, test me. Try me out. Look deep down into my heart and mind. 3 Your love is always with me. I have always lived by your truth. 4 I don't spend time with people who tell lies. I don't keep company with pretenders. 5 I hate to be with a group of sinful people. I refuse to spend time with those who are evil. 6 I wash my hands to show that I'm not guilty. Lord, I come near your altar. 7 I shout my praise to you. I tell about all the wonderful things you have done. 8 Lord, I love the house where you live. I love the place where your glory is. 9 Don't destroy me together with sinners. Don't take my life away along with murderers. 10 Their hands are always planning to do evil. Their right hands are full of money that bought them off. 11 But I live without blame. Set me free and show me your favor. 12 My feet stand on level ground. In the whole community I will praise the Lord.
1 I was patient while I waited for the Lord. He turned to me and heard my cry for help. 2 I was sliding down into the pit of death, and he pulled me out. He brought me up out of the mud and dirt. He set my feet on a rock. He gave me a firm place to stand on. 3 He gave me a new song to sing. It is a hymn of praise to our God. Many people will see what he has done and will worship him. They will put their trust in the Lord. 4 Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord. He doesn't look to proud people for help. He doesn't turn away to worship statues of gods. 5 LORD my God, no one can compare with you. You have done many miracles. And you plan to do many more for us. There are too many of them for me to talk about. 6 You didn't want sacrifices and offerings. You weren't pleased with burnt offerings and sin offerings. You gave me ears to hear you and obey you. 7 Then I said, "Here I am. It is written about me in the scroll. 8 My God, I have come to do what you want. Your law is in my heart." 9 I have told the whole community of those who worship you that what you do is right. Lord, you know that I haven't kept quiet. 10 I haven't kept to myself that what you did for me was right. I have spoken about how faithful you were when you saved me. I haven't hidden your love and truth from the whole community. 11 Lord, don't hold back your mercy from me. May your love and truth always keep me safe. 12 There are more troubles all around me than I can count. My sins have caught up with me, and I can't see any longer. My sins are more than the hairs of my head. I have lost all hope. 13 Lord, please save me. Lord, come quickly to help me. 14 Let all those who are trying to kill me be put to shame. Let them not be honored. Let all those who want to destroy me be turned back in shame. 15 Some people make fun of me. Let them be shocked when their plans fail. 16 But let all those who look to you be joyful and glad because of what you have done. Let those who love you because you save them always say, "May the LORD be honored!" 17 But I am poor and needy. May the Lord be concerned about me. You are the One who helps me and saves me. My God, please don't wait any longer.
1 Are you rulers really fair when you speak? Do you judge people honestly? 2 No, in your hearts you plan to be unfair. With your hands you do terrible things on the earth. 3 Even from birth those who are evil go down the wrong path. From the day they are born they go the wrong way and speak lies. 4 Their words are like the poison of a snake. They are like the poison of a cobra that has covered up its ears. 5 It won't listen to any tune of a snake charmer, even if the charmer really plays well. 6 God, break the teeth in the mouths of those sinners! Lord, tear out the sharp teeth of those lions! 7 Let those people disappear like water that flows away. When they draw their bows, let their arrows be dull. 8 Let them be like a slug that melts away as it moves along. Let them be like a baby that is born dead and never sees the sun. 9 Evil people will be swept away quicker than a pot can feel the heat of thorns burning under it. And it doesn't matter if the thorns are green or dry. 10 Godly people will be glad when those who have hurt them are paid back. They will wash their feet in the blood of those who do evil. 11 Then people will say, "The godly will get their reward. There really is a God who judges the earth."
1 God, hear my cry for help. Listen to my prayer. 2 From a place far away I call out to you. I call out as my heart gets weaker. Lead me to the safety of a rock that is high above me. 3 You have always kept me safe from my enemies. You are like a strong tower to me. 4 I long to live in your holy tent forever. There I find safety in the shadow of your wings. "Selah" 5 God, you have heard my promises. You have given me what belongs to those who worship you. 6 Add many days to the king's life. Let him live on and on for many years. 7 May he always enjoy your blessing as he rules. Let your love and truth keep him safe. 8 Then I will always sing praise to you. I will keep my promises day after day.
1 I find my rest in God alone. He is the One who saves me. 2 He alone is my rock. He is the One who saves me. He is like a fort to me. I will always be secure. 3 How long will you enemies attack me? Will all of you throw me down? I'm like a leaning wall. I'm like a fence that is about to fall. 4 You only want to pull me down from my place of honor. You take delight in telling lies. You bless me with what you say. But in your hearts you call down curses on me. "Selah" 5 I will find my rest in God alone. He is the One who gives me hope. 6 He alone is my rock. He is the One who saves me. He is like a fort to me. I will always be secure. 7 I depend on God to save me and to honor me. He is my mighty rock. He is my place of safety. 8 Trust in him at all times, you people. Tell him all of your troubles. God is our place of safety. "Selah" 9 Ordinary people are only a breath. Important people are not what they seem to be. If they were weighed on a scale, they wouldn't amount to anything. Together they are only a breath. 10 Don't trust in money you have taken from others. Don't be proud of things you have stolen. Even if your riches grow, don't put your trust in them. 11 God, I have heard you say two things. One is that you, God, are strong. 12 The other is that you, Lord, are loving. I'm sure you will reward each person in keeping with what he has done.
1 God, hear me as I tell you my problem. Don't let my enemies kill me. 2 Hide me from those who make evil plans against me. Hide me from that crowd of people who are doing evil. 3 They make their tongues like sharp swords. They aim their words like deadly arrows. 4 They shoot from their hiding places at people who aren't guilty of doing anything wrong. They shoot quickly. They aren't afraid of being caught. 5 They help each other make evil plans. They talk about hiding their traps. They say, "Who can see what we are doing?" 6 They make plans to do what is evil. They say, "We have thought up a perfect plan!" The hearts and minds of people are so clever! 7 But God will shoot my enemies with his arrows. He will suddenly strike them down. 8 He will turn their own words against them. He will destroy them. All those who see them will shake their heads and look down on them. 9 Everyone will respect God. They will tell about his works. They will think about what he has done. 10 Let godly people be full of joy because of what the LORD has done. Let them go to him for safety. Let all those whose hearts are honest praise him.
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