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1 Are you rulers really fair when you speak? Do you judge people honestly? 2 No, in your hearts you plan to be unfair. With your hands you do terrible things on the earth. 3 Even from birth those who are evil go down the wrong path. From the day they are born they go the wrong way and speak lies. 4 Their words are like the poison of a snake. They are like the poison of a cobra that has covered up its ears. 5 It won't listen to any tune of a snake charmer, even if the charmer really plays well. 6 God, break the teeth in the mouths of those sinners! Lord, tear out the sharp teeth of those lions! 7 Let those people disappear like water that flows away. When they draw their bows, let their arrows be dull. 8 Let them be like a slug that melts away as it moves along. Let them be like a baby that is born dead and never sees the sun. 9 Evil people will be swept away quicker than a pot can feel the heat of thorns burning under it. And it doesn't matter if the thorns are green or dry. 10 Godly people will be glad when those who have hurt them are paid back. They will wash their feet in the blood of those who do evil. 11 Then people will say, "The godly will get their reward. There really is a God who judges the earth."
1 God, save me from my enemies. Keep me safe from those who rise up against me. 2 Save me from those who do evil. Save me from murderers. 3 See how they hide and wait for me! Lord, angry people plan to harm me, even though I haven't hurt them in any way or sinned against them. 4 I haven't done anything wrong to them. But they are ready to attack me. Rise up and help me! Look at what I'm up against! 5 LORD God who rules over all, rise up. God of Israel, punish all of the nations. Don't show any mercy to those sinful people who have turned against me. "Selah" 6 My enemies are like a pack of barking dogs that come back to the city in the evening. They prowl around the city. 7 Listen to what pours out of their mouths. The words from their lips are like swords. They think, "Who can hear us?" 8 But you laugh at them, Lord. You make fun of all those nations. 9 You give me strength. I look to you. God, you are like a fort to me. 10 You are my loving God. God will march out in front of me. He will let me look down on those who tell lies about me. 11 Lord, you are like a shield that keeps us safe. Don't kill my enemies all at once. If you do, my people will forget about it. Use your power to make my enemies wander around. Destroy them. 12 They have sinned with their mouths. Their lips have spoken evil words. They have called down a curse on me and lied. Let them be caught in their pride. 13 Burn them up in your anger. Burn them up until there isn't anything left of them. Then everyone from one end of the earth to the other will know that God rules over the people of Jacob. "Selah" 14 My enemies are like a pack of barking dogs that come back into the city in the evening. They prowl around the city. 15 They wander around looking for food. They groan if they don't find something that will satisfy them. 16 But I will sing about your strength. In the morning I will sing about your love. You are like a fort to me. You keep me safe in times of trouble. 17 You give me strength. I sing praise to you. God, you are like a fort to me. You are my loving God.
1 God, you have turned away from us. You have attacked us. You have been angry. Now turn back to us! 2 You have shaken the land and torn it open. Fix its cracks, because it is falling apart. 3 You have shown your people hard times. You have made us drink the wine of your anger. Now we can't even walk straight. 4 But you lead into battle those who have respect for you. You give them a flag to wave against the enemy's weapons. "Selah" 5 Save us. Help us with your powerful right hand, so that those you love may be saved. 6 God has spoken from his temple. He has said, "I will win the battle. Then I will divide up the land around Shechem. I will divide up the Valley of Succoth. 7 Gilead belongs to me. So does the land of Manasseh. Ephraim is the strongest tribe. It is like a helmet for my head. Judah is the royal tribe. It is like a ruler's staff. 8 Moab serves me like one who washes my feet. I toss my sandal on Edom to show that I own it. I shout to Philistia that I have won the battle." 9 Who will bring me to the city that has high walls around it? Who will lead me to the land of Edom? 10 God, isn't it you, even though you have now turned away from us? Isn't it you, even though you don't lead our armies into battle anymore? 11 Help us against our enemies. The help people give doesn't amount to anything. 12 With your help we will win the battle. You will walk all over our enemies.
1 God, hear my cry for help. Listen to my prayer. 2 From a place far away I call out to you. I call out as my heart gets weaker. Lead me to the safety of a rock that is high above me. 3 You have always kept me safe from my enemies. You are like a strong tower to me. 4 I long to live in your holy tent forever. There I find safety in the shadow of your wings. "Selah" 5 God, you have heard my promises. You have given me what belongs to those who worship you. 6 Add many days to the king's life. Let him live on and on for many years. 7 May he always enjoy your blessing as he rules. Let your love and truth keep him safe. 8 Then I will always sing praise to you. I will keep my promises day after day.
1 I find my rest in God alone. He is the One who saves me. 2 He alone is my rock. He is the One who saves me. He is like a fort to me. I will always be secure. 3 How long will you enemies attack me? Will all of you throw me down? I'm like a leaning wall. I'm like a fence that is about to fall. 4 You only want to pull me down from my place of honor. You take delight in telling lies. You bless me with what you say. But in your hearts you call down curses on me. "Selah" 5 I will find my rest in God alone. He is the One who gives me hope. 6 He alone is my rock. He is the One who saves me. He is like a fort to me. I will always be secure. 7 I depend on God to save me and to honor me. He is my mighty rock. He is my place of safety. 8 Trust in him at all times, you people. Tell him all of your troubles. God is our place of safety. "Selah" 9 Ordinary people are only a breath. Important people are not what they seem to be. If they were weighed on a scale, they wouldn't amount to anything. Together they are only a breath. 10 Don't trust in money you have taken from others. Don't be proud of things you have stolen. Even if your riches grow, don't put your trust in them. 11 God, I have heard you say two things. One is that you, God, are strong. 12 The other is that you, Lord, are loving. I'm sure you will reward each person in keeping with what he has done.
1 God, you are my God. I greatly long for you. With all my heart I thirst for you in this dry desert where there isn't any water. 2 I have seen you in the sacred tent. There I have seen your power and your glory. 3 Your love is better than life. I will bring glory to you with my lips. 4 I will praise you as long as I live. I will lift up my hands when I pray to you. 5 I will be as satisfied as if I had eaten the best food there is. I will sing praise to you with my mouth. 6 As I lie on my bed I remember you. I think of you all night long. 7 Because you have helped me, I sing in the shadow of your wings. 8 I hold on to you. Your powerful right hand takes good care of me. 9 Those who are trying to kill me will be destroyed. They will go down into the grave. 10 They will be killed with swords. They will become food for wild dogs. 11 But the king will be filled with joy because of what God has done. All those who take an oath in God's name will praise him. But the mouths of liars will be shut.
1 God, hear me as I tell you my problem. Don't let my enemies kill me. 2 Hide me from those who make evil plans against me. Hide me from that crowd of people who are doing evil. 3 They make their tongues like sharp swords. They aim their words like deadly arrows. 4 They shoot from their hiding places at people who aren't guilty of doing anything wrong. They shoot quickly. They aren't afraid of being caught. 5 They help each other make evil plans. They talk about hiding their traps. They say, "Who can see what we are doing?" 6 They make plans to do what is evil. They say, "We have thought up a perfect plan!" The hearts and minds of people are so clever! 7 But God will shoot my enemies with his arrows. He will suddenly strike them down. 8 He will turn their own words against them. He will destroy them. All those who see them will shake their heads and look down on them. 9 Everyone will respect God. They will tell about his works. They will think about what he has done. 10 Let godly people be full of joy because of what the LORD has done. Let them go to him for safety. Let all those whose hearts are honest praise him.
1 God, we look forward to praising you in Zion. We will keep our promises to you. 2 All people will come to you, because you hear and answer prayer. 3 When our sins became too much for us, you forgave our lawless acts. 4 Blessed are those you choose and bring near to worship you. You bring us into the courtyards of your holy temple. There in your house we are filled with all kinds of good things. 5 God our Savior, you answer us by doing wonderful things. You save us by your power. People all over the world and beyond the farthest oceans put their hope in you. 6 You formed the mountains by your power. You showed how strong you are. 7 You calmed the oceans and their roaring waves. You calmed the angry words and actions of the nations. 8 Those who live far away are amazed at the miracles you have done. What you do makes people from one end of the earth to the other sing for joy. 9 You take care of the land and water it. You make it very rich. You fill your streams with water. You provide the people with grain. That's how you prepare the land. 10 You water its rows. You smooth out its bumps. You soften it with showers. And you bless its crops. 11 You bring the year to a close with huge crops. You provide more than enough food. 12 The grass grows thick even in the desert. The hills are dressed with gladness. 13 The meadows are covered with flocks and herds. The valleys are dressed with grain. They sing and shout with joy.
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