Proverbs 17:4-14

4 An evil person listens to evil words. A liar pays attention to words that are harmful.
5 Anyone who laughs at those who are poor makes fun of their Maker. Anyone who is happy when others suffer will be punished.
6 Grandchildren are like a crown to older people. And children are proud of their parents.
7 It isn't proper for foolish people to brag. And it certainly isn't proper for rulers to tell lies!
8 Money buys favors for those who give it. No matter where they turn, they succeed.
9 Those who erase a sin by forgiving it show love. But those who talk about it come between close friends.
10 A person who understands what is right learns more from just a warning than a foolish person learns from 100 strokes with a whip.
11 An evil person never wants to obey. An official who shows no mercy will be sent against him.
12 It is better to meet a bear whose cubs have been stolen than to meet a foolish person who is acting foolishly.
13 Evil will never leave the house of anyone who pays back evil for good.
14 Starting to argue is like making a crack in a dam. So drop the matter before a fight breaks out.
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