22 Remember his fate, for yours is like it; yesterday it was his, and today it is yours.
23 When the dead is at rest, let his remembrance rest too, and be comforted for him when his spirit has departed.
24 The wisdom of the scribe depends on the opportunity of leisure; only the one who has little business can become wise.
25 How can one become wise who handles the plow, and who glories in the shaft of a goad, who drives oxen and is occupied with their work, and whose talk is about bulls?
26 He sets his heart on plowing furrows, and he is careful about fodder for the heifers.
27 So it is with every artisan and master artisan who labors by night as well as by day; those who cut the signets of seals, each is diligent in making a great variety; they set their heart on painting a lifelike image, and they are careful to finish their work.
28 So it is with the smith, sitting by the anvil, intent on his iron-work; the breath of the fire melts his flesh, and he struggles with the heat of the furnace; the sound of the hammer deafens his ears, and his eyes are on the pattern of the object. He sets his heart on finishing his handiwork, and he is careful to complete its decoration.
29 So it is with the potter sitting at his work and turning the wheel with his feet; he is always deeply concerned over his products, and he produces them in quantity.
30 He molds the clay with his arm and makes it pliable with his feet; he sets his heart to finish the glazing, and he takes care in firing the kiln.
31 All these rely on their hands, and all are skillful in their own work.
32 Without them no city can be inhabited, and wherever they live, they will not go hungry. Yet they are not sought out for the council of the people,