13 and with each lamb, a grain offering of a tenth of an ephah of the finest flour mixed with oil. This is for a burnt offering, a pleasing aroma, a food offering presented to the LORD.
14 With each bull there is to be a drink offering of half a hina of wine; with the ram, a third of a hinb ; and with each lamb, a quarter of a hin. This is the monthly burnt offering to be made at each new moon during the year.
15 Besides the regular burnt offering with its drink offering, one male goat is to be presented to the LORD as a sin offering.c

The Passover

16 “ ‘On the fourteenth day of the first month the LORD’s Passover is to be held.
17 On the fifteenth day of this month there is to be a festival; for seven days eat bread made without yeast.
18 On the first day hold a sacred assembly and do no regular work.
19 Present to the LORD a food offering consisting of a burnt offering of two young bulls, one ram and seven male lambs a year old, all without defect.
20 With each bull offer a grain offering of three-tenths of an ephah of the finest flour mixed with oil; with the ram, two-tenths;
21 and with each of the seven lambs, one-tenth.
22 Include one male goat as a sin offering to make atonement for you.
23 Offer these in addition to the regular morning burnt offering.