Bamidbar 17

1 7 And Hashem spoke unto Moshe, saying,
101 (17:25) And Hashem said unto Moshe, Bring Aharon’s rod again before HaEdut, to be kept for an ot (sign) against the rebels; and thou shalt quite put an end to their murmurings against Me, that they die not.
111 (17:26) And Moshe did so; as Hashem commanded him, so did he.
121 (17:27) And the Bnei Yisroel spoke unto Moshe, saying, See, we die, we perish, we will all perish.
131 (17:28) Whoever even encroaches upon the Mishkan Hashem shall die. Shall we be consumed with dying?
217 (17:17) Speak unto the Bnei Yisroel, and take of every one of them a rod according to the Bais Av, of all their Nasiim according to the Bais of their Avot twelve rods; write thou every man’s shem upon his matteh (rod, staff).
317 (17:18) And thou shalt write shem Aharon upon the rod of Levi; for one rod shall be for the Rosh of the Bais of their Avot.
417 (17:19) And thou shalt lay them up in the Ohel Mo’ed before HaEdut, where I will meet with you there.
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