Divrey Hayamim Alef 29

1 9 Furthermore Dovid HaMelech said unto kol HaKahal, Sh’lomo beni (my son), the one Elohim hath chosen, is yet na’ar and tender, and the melachah (work, task) is gedolah; for the palace is not for adam, but for Hashem Elohim.
2 Now I have provided with all my ko’ach for the Bais Elohai the zahav for things to be made of zahav, and the kesef for things of kesef, and the nechoshet for things of nechoshet, the barzel (iron) for things of barzel (iron), and etzim for things of etzim; onyx stones to be set, turquoise, and stones of various colors, and all manner of precious stones, and marble, all in abundance.
3 Moreover, because I have set my affection on the Bais Elohai, I have of mine own segullah (treasure) zahav and kesef, which I have given to the Bais Elohai, over and above all that I have prepared for the Beis HaKodesh.
4 Even shloshet alafim talents of zahav, of the zahav of Ophir, and shivat alafim talents of refined kesef, to overlay the walls of the buildings;
5 The zahav for things of zahav, and the kesef for things of kesef, and for all manner of melachah (work) to be made by the hands of charashim (artisans). And who then is willing to consecrate his yad today unto Hashem?
6 Then the sarei ha’avot and the sarei shivtei Yisroel and the sarei ha’alafim and of me’ot, with the sarei melechet hamelech (officials over the work of the King), made freewill offerings.
7 And gave for the Avodas Beis HaElohim five thousand talents and ten thousand darkons of zahav, and ten thousand talents of kesef, and eighteen thousand talents of nechoshet, and one hundred thousand talents of barzel.
8 And they with whom precious stones were found gave them to the Otzer Bais Hashem, by the yad of Yechiel the Gershoni.
9 Then the people rejoiced, for theirs were freewill offerings, because with lev shalem they offered willingly to Hashem; and Dovid HaMelech also rejoiced with simchah gedolah.
10 Wherefore Dovid blessed Hashem before the eyes of kol HaKahal; and Dovid said, Baruch atah Adonoi Elohei Yisroel Avinu meOlam v’ad olam.
11 Thine, Hashem is HaGedulah, and HaGevurah, and HaTiferet and HaNetzach and HaHod; for all that is in the Shomayim and in Ha’aretz is Thine; Thine is the Mamlachah, O Hashem, and Thou art exalted as Rosh above all.
12 Both osher and kavod come of Thee, and Thou art Moshel over all; and in Thine yad is ko’ach and gevurah; and in Thine yad it is to make great, and to give strength unto all.
13 Now therefore, Eloheinu, we thank Thee, and praise Thy Shem Tiferet.
14 But who am I, and what is my people, that we should have ko’ach to make this freewill offering? For all things come of Thee, and of Thine own have we given Thee.
15 For we are gerim before Thee, and toshavim (resident aliens), as were kol Avoteinu; our yamim on ha’aretz are as a tzel (shadow), and there is no mikveh (hope).
16 Hashem Eloheinu, all this great abundance that we have provided to build Thee a Bais for Shem Kadshecha cometh of Thine yad, and is all Thine own.
17 I know also, Elohai, that Thou doth test the levav, and hast pleasure in meisharim (integrities, uprightness, equity). As for me, in the yosher levavi I have made freewill offerings of all these things, and now have I seen with simchah Thy people, which are present here, willingly offer freewill offerings unto Thee.
18 Hashem Elohei Avraham, Yitzchak, and of Yisroel, Avoteinu, be shomer over this l’olam in the yetzer (inclination) of the machshevot (thoughts) of the levav of Thy people, and set their lev unto Thee.
19 And give unto Sh’lomo beni a levav shalem, to be shomer over Thy mitzvot, Thy edot, and Thy chukkot, and to do all these things, and to build the Bayit, for the which I have made provision.
20 And Dovid said to kol HaKahal, Barchu nah es Hashem Eloheichem. And kol HaKahal blessed Hashem Elohei Avoteihem, and bowed down, and fell prostrate before Hashem and before HaMelech.
21 And they sacrificed zevakhim unto Hashem, and offered olot unto Hashem, on the next day after that yom, even a thousand parim (bulls), a thousand eilim (rams), and a thousand kevasim, with their nesakim, and zevakhim in abundance for kol Yisroel;
22 And did eat and drink before Hashem on that day with simchah gedolah. And they crowned Sh’lomo Ben Dovid Melech the second time, and anointed him unto Hashem to be Nagid (ruler), and Tzadok to be Kohen.
23 Then Sh’lomo sat on the kisse Hashem as Melech instead of Dovid Aviv, and prospered, and kol Yisroel obeyed him.
24 And all the sarim, and the gibborim, and all the Bnei HaMelech Dovid submitted themselves unto Sh’lomo HaMelech.
25 And Hashem magnified Sh’lomo exceedingly in the eyes of all Yisroel, and bestowed upon him such hod malchut (royal majesty) as had not been on any melech before him in Yisroel.
26 Thus Dovid Ben Yishai reigned over kol Yisroel.
27 And the time that he reigned over Yisroel was arba’im shanah; sheva shanim reigned he in Chevron, and thirty and three reigned he in Yerushalayim.
28 And he died in a good old age, full of yamim, oisher, and kavod; and Sh’lomo bno reigned in his place.
29 Now the acts of Dovid HaMelech, first and last, behold, they are written in the Divrei Shmuel HaRo’eh, and in the Divrei Natan HaNavi, and in the Divrei Gad the chozeh (seer),
30 With all his malchut and his gevurah, and the times that passed around him, and around Yisroel, and over kol mamlechot ha’aratzot (kingdoms of the lands).
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