Divrey Hayamim Bais 14

1 4 (13:23) So Aviyah slept with Avotav, and they buried him in Ir Dovid, and Asa bno reigned in his place. In his days HaAretz was at peace eser shanim.
101 (14:9) Then Asa went out against him, and they took up position for the milchamah in the valley of Zephatah at Mareshah.
111 (14:10) And Asa cried unto Hashem Elohav, and said, Hashem, there is none besides Thee to help, whether with rav, or with them that have no ko’ach. Help us, Hashem Eloheinu, for we rely on Thee; in Shimecha we go against this multitude. Hashem Thou art Eloheinu; let no enosh prevail against Thee.
121 (14:11) So Hashem struck down HaCushim before Asa, and before Yehudah, and HaCushim fled.
131 (14:12) And Asa and HaAm that were with him pursued them as far as Gerar, and HaCushim fell, until they could not survive, for they were crushed before Hashem, and before His Machaneh. They carried off very much plunder.
141 (14:13) And they destroyed all the towns around Gerar; for the Pachad Hashem fell upon them, and they plundered all the towns, for there was exceeding much booty in them.
151 (14:14) They attacked also the ohalim of herdsmen, and carried off tzon and gemalim in abundance, and returned to Yerushalayim.
214 (14:1) And Asa did that which was hatov and yashar in the eyes of Hashem Elohav;
314 (14:2) For he took away the mizbechot hanekhar (foreign altars), and the high places, and smashed the matzevot, and cut down the Asherim;
414 (14:3) And commanded Yehudah to seek Hashem Elohei Avoteihem, and to observe the Torah and the Mitzvah.
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