Kehillah in Corinth II 13

1 3 This is the pa’am hashlishit I am coming to you; [2C 12:14] by the PI SHNAYIM SHLOSHAH EDIM (‘by the mouth of two or three witnesses, DEVARIM 19:15) every dvar shall be established.
2 I warned those who committed averos before and all the rest, and, now absent, I warn them again, as I did when I made pakad (visit) the pa’am hashenit, that if I come again, I will not spare, I will not be lenient,
3 Als (since) you seek to test if Moshiach is speaking in me. Moshiach is not weak toward you, but is GIBBOR in you [YESHAYAH 9:5].
4 For indeed he was talui al HaEtz (“being hanged on the Tree,” DEVARIM 21:23) out of weakness, [Pp 2:7-8] but Moshiach lives by the gevurat Hashem. Likewise, we are weak in him, yet we will live with him by the gevurat Hashem (the power of G-d) toward you.
5 Perform a bedikah (examination) on yourselves to see if you are in the [Orthodox Jewish] emunah (faith). Test and prove yourselves [1C 11:28]. Or do you yourselves not have da’as that Moshiach is in you? Unless you are reprobate and unapproved. [EKHAH 3:40]
6 But I have tikvah that you will have da’as that we are not unapproved.
7 Now we daven (pray) to Hashem that you do not do any rah (evil), not that we Shlichim may appear to have stood the test, but that you may do hatov (the good), though we may seem to have failed.
8 For we are not able to do anything against HaEmes, but only for HaEmes. [1C 13:6]
9 For we have lev same’ach when we are megareia (weakened) and you are strong, for this also we daven (pray), that is, for your shelemut (perfection), your tikkun (restoration repair).
10 Therefore, while I am absent I write this iggeret so that when I am present I may not treat you with severity, according to the samchut (authority) which Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach Adoneinu gave me for your chozek (strength) and not for your churban. [2C 2:3; 10:8,11]
11 For the rest, Achim b’Moshiach, rejoice with simcha. [Pp 4:4] Come to order and chazzak (be strong)! Have achdus (unity) in your machshavot (thoughts). Live in shalom. And the G-d of ahavah and shalom will be with you. [Ro 15:33]
12 Greet one another with a neshikat hakodesh.
13 All the Kadoshim say, "Shalom!"
14 The Chen v’Chesed Adoneinu Moshiach and the ahavat Hashem and the hitkhabrut HaRuach Hakodesh be with you all. [Zohar: telat rishin khad hu, three heads are one, Zohar vol iii p.288 versa Amsterdam edition]
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