Shmuel Alef 22

1 2 Dovid therefore departed from there, and escaped to the me’arah (cave) of Adullam; and when his brethren and all the bais aviv heard it, they went down there to him.
2 And every ish that was in distress, and every ish that was in debt, and every ish that was mar-nefesh (bitter in spirit, discontented) gathered themselves unto him; and he became Sar over them; and there were with him about arba me’ot ish (four hundred men).
3 And Dovid went from there to Mitzpeh Moav; and he said unto the Melech Moav, Let avi and immi now come out, and be with you, until I know what Elohim will do for me.
4 And he brought them before Melech Moav; and they dwelt with him all the days that Dovid was in the metzudah (stronghold, i.e. Mitzpeh Moav).
5 And Gad HaNavi said unto Dovid, Abide not in the metzudah; depart, and get thee into Eretz Yehudah. Then Dovid departed, and came into the Forest of Cheret.
6 When Sha’ul heard that Dovid was discovered, and the anashim that were with him, (now Sha’ul abode in Giveah under a tamarisk tree in Ramah, having his khanit in his yad, and all his avadim were standing about him);
7 Then Sha’ul said unto his avadim that stood about him, Hear now, ye of Binyamin; will Ben Yishai give every one of you sadot and kramim (vineyards), and make you all sarei alafim and sarei me’ot;
8 That all of you have made a kesher against me, and there is none that reveals unto my ear that beni (my son) hath cut a Brit with Ben Yishai, and there is none of you that is concerned for me, or revealeth unto my ear that beni (my son) hath stirred up avdi against me, to lie in wait, as he does today?
9 Then answered Do’eg the Edomi, which was set over the avadim of Sha’ul, and said, I saw Ben Yishai coming to Nov, to Achimelech ben Achituv.
10 And he inquired of Hashem for him, and gave him provision, and gave him the cherev Golyat HaPelishti.
11 Then HaMelech sent to call Achimelech Ben Achituv HaKohen, and kol Bais Aviv, the Kohanim that were in Nov; and they came all of them to HaMelech.
12 And Sha’ul said, Hear now, thou Ben Achituv. And he answered, Hineni, adoni.
13 And Sha’ul said unto him, Why have ye made a kesher against me, thou and Ben Yishai, in that thou hast given him lechem, and a cherev, and hast inquired of Elohim for him, that he should rise against me, to lie in wait, as he does this day?
14 Then Achimelech answered HaMelech, and said, And who is so ne’eman (loyal) among all thy avadim as Dovid, which is the Choson HaMelech, obedient to thy bidding, and is honored in thine bais?
15 Did I then begin to inquire of Elohim for him? Chalilah li! Let not HaMelech impute anything unto his eved, nor to all the Bais Avi; for thy eved knew nothing of all this, katon or gadol.
16 And HaMelech said, Thou shalt surely die, Achimelech, thou, and kol Bais Avicha.
17 And HaMelech said unto the footmen that stood about him, Turn, and slay the Kohanim of Hashem; because their yad also is with Dovid, and because they knew when he fled, and did not reveal it in my ear. But the avadim of HaMelech would not put forth their yad to strike the Kohanim of Hashem.
18 And HaMelech said to Do’eg, Turn thou, and strike the Kohanim. And Do’eg the Edomi turned, and he struck the Kohanim, and slaughtered on that day fourscore and five ish that did wear ephod bad (linen robe).
19 And Nov, the Ir of the Kohanim, he struck with the edge of the cherev, both ish and isha, olel and nursing infants, and shor, and chamor, and seh, with the edge of the cherev.
20 And ben echad of Achimelech Ben Achituv, shmo Evyatar (his name Evyatar [Abiathar]), escaped, and fled after Dovid.
21 And Evyatar (Abiathar) told Dovid that Sha’ul had slain the Kohanim of Hashem.
22 And Dovid said unto Evyatar (Abiathar), I knew it that day, when Do’eg the Edomi was there, that he would surely tell Sha’ul. I am mortally responsible for nefesh Bais Avicha.
23 Abide thou with me, fear not; for he that seeketh my nefesh seeketh thy nefesh; but with me thou shalt be mishmeret (in safeguard).
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