Tehillim 116

1 16 I love Hashem, because He hath heard my kol (voice), even my techinnah.
2 Because He hath inclined His ozen (ear) unto me, therefore will I call upon Him while I have days.
3 Chevlei mavet (pangs of death) encompassed me, and the metzarei She’ol (confines, straitnesses of She’ol) have caught up with me and found me; tzoros and yagon (sorrow) I found.
4 Then called I b’Shem Hashem: O Hashem, save my nefesh!
5 Channun (gracious) is Hashem, and tzaddik; yes, Eloheinu is merciful.
6 Hashem is shomer over the petayim (simple-hearted, helpless); I was in need and li yehoshia (me He saved).
7 Return, my nefesh, to thy menuchah (rest, resting place); for Hashem hath dealt bountifully with thee.
8 For Thou hast saved my nefesh from mavet (death), mine eye from dimah (tears), and mine regel (foot) from stumbling.
9 I will walk before Hashem in the Artzot HaChayim (the Land of the Living). [T.N. Note that I can do that because Moshiach was cut off from there in my place and for my sins—Isa 53:8]
10 He’emaneti (I believed); therefore have I spoken; I was greatly afflicted.
11 I said in my chafaz (haste, alarm, consternation), Kol HaAdam Kozev (all men are liars).
12 How shall I repay Hashem for all His benefits to me?
13 I will raise the Kos Yeshu’ot (the Cup of Salvation), and call upon Hashem b’Shem (by Name).
14 I will fulfill my nederim (vows) now in the presence of all His people.
15 Precious in the eyes of Hashem is the mavet of His Chasidim.
16 O Hashem, truly I am Thy eved; I am Thy eved, ben amatecha (the son of Thy maid servant); Thou hast removed my chains.
17 I will sacrifice to Thee the zevach todah (the thanksgiving offering) and will call on the Shem Hashem.
18 I will fulfill my nederim to Hashem now in the presence of all His people.
19 In the khatzerot Beis Hashem, in the midst of thee, O Yerushalayim. Praise ye Hashem.
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