Tehillim 48

1 8 (Shir. Mizmor. Of the Bnei Korach.) Gadol is Hashem, and greatly to be praised in the Ir Eloheinu, in His Har Kodesh.
23 (3) Yafeh in its loftiness, the joy of kol ha’aretz, is Mt Tziyon, on the sides of the north, the City of Melech Rav.
34 (4) Elohim is in her citadels, known as her fortress.
45 (5) For, hinei, the melachim were assembled, they advanced together.
56 (6) They saw, and ken (thus) they marvelled; they were troubled, and fled.
67 (7) Trembling took hold upon them sham (there), and pain, as of a woman in labor.
78 (8) Thou breakest the ships of Tarshish with an east wind.
89 (9) As we have heard, so have we seen in the Ir Hashem Tzvaos, in the Ir Eloheinu; Elohim will establish it ad olam. Selah.
101 (11) According to Thy Shem, O Elohim, so is Thy tehillah unto the ends of ha’aretz; Thy right hand is full of tzedek.
111 (12) Let Mt Tziyon rejoice, let the Banot Yehudah (Daughters of Judah) be glad, because of Thy mishpatim.
121 (13) Walk about Tziyon, and go around her; count the towers thereof.
131 (14) Mark ye well her ramparts, consider her citadels; that ye may tell it to the dor acharon.
141 (15) For this Elohim is Eloheinu olam vaed; He will be our guide even unto death. [T.N. Notice v.8(9)-9(10) in Psa 49, which tells why Moshiach can not be a mere man, in which case he could not redeem another, or be Hashem’s Isa 53 redemption lamb or the Isa 53 sa’ir l’azazel kapporah.]
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