Tehillim 88

1 8 (Shir. Mizmor of the Bnei Korach. For the one directing. According to Machalat le‘annot. Maskil of Herman the Ezrachi.) Hashem Elohei Yeshuati (G-d of my salvation), I have cried out yom valailah before Thee.
23 (3) Let my tefillah come before Thee; incline Thine ear unto my cry;
34 (4) For my nefesh is full of troubles; and my life draweth near unto Sheol.
45 (5) I am counted with them that go down into the bor (pit); I am like a gever (man) that hath no strength;
56 (6) Forsaken among the mesim, like the slain that lie in the kever, whom Thou rememberest no more; and nigzaru (they are cut off, excluded; see Isa 53:8) from Thy Yad (hand, power, care).
67 (7) Thou hast laid me in the lowest bor (pit), in darkness, in the deeps.
78 (8) Thy wrath lieth hard upon me, and Thou hast overwhelmed me with kol mishbarecha (all Thy waves, breakers). Selah.
89 (9) Thou hast estranged mine acquaintances far from me; Thou hast made me to’evot unto them; I am shut up, and I cannot escape.
101 (11) Wilt Thou show wonders to the mesim? Shall the lifeless arise and praise Thee? Selah.
111 (12) Shall Thy chesed be declared in the kever? Or Thy emunah in Avaddon?
121 (13) Shall Thy wonders be known in the choshech? And Thy tzedakah in the Eretz Neshiyyah (land of forgetfulness, oblivion)?
131 (14) But unto Thee have I cried, Hashem; and in the boker shall my tefillah come before Thee.
141 (15) Hashem, why castest Thou off my nefesh? Why hidest Thou Thy face from me?
151 (16) I am afflicted and govei’a (one being close to death) from my youth up; while I suffer Thy terrors I am distraught.
161 (17) Thy charon (fierce wrath) goeth over me; Thy terrors have flayed me.
171 (18) They came round about me daily like mayim; they close in, engulfing me.
181 (19) Ohev (lover) and re’a (companion) hast Thou estranged from me, and mine acquaintances are in darkness. [T.N. Ps 89 is a messianic Ps.]
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