Yehoshua 11

1 1 And it came to pass, when Yavin Melech Chatzor had heard those things, that he sent to Yovav Melech Madon, to the Melech Shimron, and to the Melech Achshaph,
2 And to the melachim to the north, in the har, and the Aravah south of Kinnarot, and in the Shefelah, and in the regions of Dor on the west,
3 And to the Kena’ani on the east and on the west, and to Emori, and the Chitti, and the Perizzi, and the Yevusi in the har, and to the Chivi at the base of Chermon in Eretz HaMitzpah.
4 And they went out, they and all their machanot with them, am rav, even as the sand that is upon the sea in multitude, with susim and chariots rav me’od.
5 And when all these melachim were met together, they came to encamp together at the waters of Merom, to fight against Yisroel.
6 And Hashem said unto Yehoshua, Be not afraid before them; for machar about this time will I deliver them up all slain before Yisroel; thou shalt lame their susim, and burn their merkevot with eish.
7 So Yehoshua, kol Am HaMilchamah with him, came against them by the waters of Merom pitom (suddenly); and they fell upon them.
8 And Hashem delivered them into the yad Yisroel, who struck them down, and pursued them unto Tzidon Rabbah, and unto Misrefot-Mayim, and unto the Valley of Mitzpeh eastward; and they struck them down, until they left them none sarid (remaining).
9 And Yehoshua did unto them just as Hashem directed him; he lamed their susim, and burned their merkevot with eish.
10 And Yehoshua at that time turned back, and took Chatzor, and struck down the melech thereof with the cherev; for Chatzor formerly had been the rosh kol hamamlachot haelleh.
11 And they struck down kol hanefesh that were therein with the edge of the cherev, utterly destroying them; there was not left kol neshamah; and with eish he burned Chatzor.
12 And all the towns of those melachim, and all the melachim of them, did Yehoshua take, and struck them down with the edge of the cherev, and he utterly destroyed them, just as Moshe Eved Hashem commanded.
13 But as for the towns that stood on their tel (mound, old site), Yisroel burned none of them, except Chatzor only; that did Yehoshua burn.
14 And all the plunder of these towns, and the behemah, the Bnei Yisroel carried off for themselves; but kol haAdam they struck down with the edge of the cherev, until they had destroyed them, neither left they kol neshamah.
15 Just as Hashem commanded Moshe His Eved, so did Moshe command Yehoshua, and so did Yehoshua; he left nothing undone of all that Hashem commanded Moshe.
16 So Yehoshua took kol HaAretz hazot, the har, and kol haNegev, and kol Eretz HaGoshen, and the Shefelah, and the Aravah, and the har Yisroel, and Shefelah;
17 Even from the Har HeChalak, that goeth up to Seir, even unto Baal-Gad in the valley of the Levanon under Mt Chermon; and all their melachim he took, and struck them down, and slaughtered them.
18 Yehoshua made milchamah yamim rabbim with all those melachim.
19 There was not an ir that made terms of shalom with the Bnei Yisroel, except Chivi the inhabitants of Giv’on; all others they took in milchamah.
20 For it was of Hashem to harden their hearts, that they should come against Yisroel in milchamah, that he might destroy them utterly, that there might be to them no techinnah (mercy plea), but that he might destroy them, just as Hashem commanded Moshe.
21 And at that time came Yehoshua, and cut off the Anakim from the har, from Chevron, from Devir, from Anav, from kol har Yehudah, from kol har Yisroel; Yehoshua destroyed them utterly with their towns.
22 There were none of the Anakim left in the Eretz Bnei Yisroel; only in Azah (Gaza), in Gat, and in Ashdod, there remained.
23 So Yehoshua took Kol HaAretz, according to all that Hashem said unto Moshe; and Yehoshua gave it for a nachalah unto Yisroel according to their divisions by their shevatim. And HaAretz rested from milchamah.
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