Yochanan I 5

1 Everyone with emunah that Yehoshua (Yeshua) is the Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach has been born of Hashem, and everyone having ahavah for the One having begotten has also ahavah for the one begotten by Him.
2 By this we have da’as that we have ahavah for the yeladim of Hashem, when we have ahavas Hashem and we are shomer over His mitzvot.
3 For this is the ahavas Hashem, that we are shomer over His mitzvot, and His mitzvot are not burdensome. [DEVARIM 30:11]
4 Because whatever [T.N. refers to every believer] that has been born of Hashem obtains nitzachon (victory) over the Olam Hazeh. And this is the nitzachon (victory), the nitzachon that overcomes the Olam Hazeh, even [what makes us a believer], our emunah (faith).
5 And who is the one overcoming the Olam Hazeh except the one with emunah that Yehoshua is the Ben HaElohim?
6 This One is the One having come by mayim and dahm, Yehoshua, Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach; not by the mayim only, but by the mayim and by the dahm; and the Ruach Hakodesh is the one giving solemn eidus, because the Ruach Hakodesh is HaEmes.
7 Because there are shloshah giving solemn eidus:
8 the Ruach Hakodesh and the mayim and the dahm, and the shloshah are for solemn eidus.
9 If the solemn eidus of Bnei Adam we receive, the solemn eidus of Hashem is greater, because this is the eidus of Hashem that He has testified concerning the Son of the Oybeshter.
10 The one with emunah in the Ben HaElohim has the eidus, even the eidus (witness), in himself; the one without emunah in Hashem has made Hashem a shakran (liar), because he has not had emunah in the eidus which Hashem has testified concerning His Ben HaElohim.
11 And this is the eidus, that Hashem gave Chayyei Olam to us, and this Chayyim is in His Ben HaElohim.
12 The one having HaBen has HaChayyim; the one not having HaBen HaElohim does not have Chayyim.
13 These things I wrote to you who have emunah b’Shem HaBen HaElohim, that you vada (with certainty) may have da’as that you have Chayyei Olam. [Yn 20:31]
14 And this is the bitachon which we have with Him, that if we daven and request anything according to His ratzon (will), He hears us.
15 And if we have da’as that He hears us, whatever we ask, we have da’as that we have the requests which we asked from Him. [MELACHIM ALEF 3:12]
16 If anyone sees his Ach b’Moshiach sinning an averah not leading to mavet, he will ask and Hashem will give to him Chayyim, to the ones sinning a chet not leading to mavet. There is an averah leading to mavet. I do not say we should make request concerning that averah.
17 Kol avon is chet, and there is chet not leading to mavet.
18 We have da’as that everyone having been born of Hashem does not continually sin, but the One having been born of G-d (Ben HaElohim Moshiach) is shomer over him and Hasatan does not touch him.
19 We have da’as that we are of Hashem and the whole Olam Hazeh lies under Hasatan.
20 And we have da’as that the Ben HaElohim has come and has given us binah that we may have da’as of the One who is the True One, The Omein, and we are in the One who is The Omein, even in HaBen of Him, Moshiach Yehoshua. This one is the El HaAmitti and Chayyei Olam [YIRMEYAH 24:7].
21 Yeladim, keep yourselves from elilim [YIRMEYAH 5:18]
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