Parallel Bible results for Job 17

Good News Translation w/ Apocrypha

New International Version

Job 17

GNTA 1 The end of my life is near. I can hardly breathe; there is nothing left for me but the grave. NIV 1 My spirit is broken, my days are cut short, the grave awaits me. GNTA 2 I watch how bitterly everyone mocks me. NIV 2 Surely mockers surround me; my eyes must dwell on their hostility. GNTA 3 I am being honest, God. Accept my word. There is no one else to support what I say. NIV 3 “Give me, O God, the pledge you demand. Who else will put up security for me? GNTA 4 You have closed their minds to reason; don't let them triumph over me now. NIV 4 You have closed their minds to understanding; therefore you will not let them triumph. GNTA 5 In the old proverb someone betrays his friends for money, and his children suffer for it. NIV 5 If anyone denounces their friends for reward, the eyes of their children will fail. GNTA 6 And now people use this proverb against me; they come and spit in my face. NIV 6 “God has made me a byword to everyone, a man in whose face people spit. GNTA 7 My grief has almost made me blind; my arms and legs are as thin as shadows. NIV 7 My eyes have grown dim with grief; my whole frame is but a shadow. GNTA 8 Those who claim to be honest are shocked, and they all condemn me as godless. NIV 8 The upright are appalled at this; the innocent are aroused against the ungodly. GNTA 9 Those who claim to be respectable are more and more convinced they are right. NIV 9 Nevertheless, the righteous will hold to their ways, and those with clean hands will grow stronger. GNTA 10 But if all of them came and stood before me, I would not find even one of them wise. NIV 10 “But come on, all of you, try again! I will not find a wise man among you. GNTA 11 My days have passed; my plans have failed; my hope is gone. NIV 11 My days have passed, my plans are shattered. Yet the desires of my heart GNTA 12 But my friends say night is daylight; they say that light is near, but I know I remain in darkness. NIV 12 turn night into day; in the face of the darkness light is near. GNTA 13 My only hope is the world of the dead, where I will lie down to sleep in the dark. NIV 13 If the only home I hope for is the grave, if I spread out my bed in the realm of darkness, GNTA 14 I will call the grave my father, and the worms that eat me I will call my mother and my sisters. NIV 14 if I say to corruption, ‘You are my father,’ and to the worm, ‘My mother’ or ‘My sister,’ GNTA 15 Where is there any hope for me? Who sees any? NIV 15 where then is my hope— who can see any hope for me? GNTA 16 Hope will not go with me when I go down to the world of the dead. NIV 16 Will it go down to the gates of death? Will we descend together into the dust?”

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