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Compare Translations for Psalms 122:1

Commentaries For Psalms 122

  • Chapter 122

    Esteem for Jerusalem. (1-5) Concern for its welfare. (6-9)

    Verses 1-5 The pleasure and profit from means of grace, should make us disregard trouble and fatigue in going to them; and we should quicken one another to what is good. We should desire our Christian friends, when they have any good work in hand, to call for us, and take us with them. With what readiness should we think of the heavenly Jerusalem! How cheerfully should we bear the cross and welcome death, in hopes of a crown of glory! Jerusalem is called the beautiful city. It was a type of the gospel church, which is compact together in holy love and Christian communion, so that it is all as one city. If all the disciples of Christ were of one mind, and kept the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, their enemies would be deprived of their chief advantages against them. But Satan's maxim always has been, to divide that he may conquer; and few Christians are sufficiently aware of his designs.

    Verses 6-9 Those who can do nothing else for the peace of Jerusalem, may pray for it. Let us consider all who seek the glory of the Redeemer, as our brethren and fellow-travellers, without regarding differences which do not affect our eternal welfare. Blessed Spirit of peace and love, who didst dwell in the soul of the holy Jesus, descend into his church, and fill those who compose it with his heavenly tempers; cause bitter contentions to cease, and make us to be of one mind. Love of the brethren and love to God, ought to stir us up to seek to be like the Lord Jesus in fervent prayer and unwearied labour, for the salvation of men, and the Divine glory.

  • PSALM 122

    Psalms 122:1-9 . This Psalm might well express the sacred joy of the pilgrims on entering the holy city, where praise, as the religious as well as civil metropolis, is celebrated, and for whose prosperity, as representing the Church, prayer is offered.

    1, 2. Our feet shall stand--literally, "are standing."

    2. gates--(Compare Psalms 9:14 , 87:2 ).

    3-5. compact together--all parts united, as in David's time.

    4. testimony--If "unto" is supplied, this may denote the ark ( Exodus 25:10-21 ); otherwise the act of going is denoted, called a testimony in allusion to the requisition ( Deuteronomy 16:16 ), with which it was a compliance.

    5. there are set thrones--or, "do sit, thrones," used for the occupants, David's sons ( 2 Samuel 8:18 ).

    6, 7. Let peace--including prosperity, everywhere prevail.

    8, 9. In the welfare of the city, as its civil, and especially the religious relations, was involved that of Israel.
    now--as in Psalms 115:2 .

    9. Let me say--house of . . . God--in wider sense, the Church, whose welfare would be promoted by the good of Jerusalem.

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