1 Maccabees 14:6-16

6 And he enlarged the bounds of his nation, and made himself master of the country.
7 And he gathered together a great number of captives, and had the dominion of Gazara, and of Bethsura, and of the castle: and took away all uncleanness out of it and there was none that resisted him.
8 And every man tilled his land with peace: and the land of Juda yielded her increase, and the trees of the fields their fruit.
9 The ancient men sat all in the streets, and treated together of the good things of the land, and the young men put on them glory, and the robes of war.
10 And he provided victuals for the cities, and he appointed that they should be furnished with ammunition, so that the fame of his glory was renowned even to the end of the earth.
11 He made peace in the land, and Israel rejoiced with great joy.
12 And every man sat under his vine, and under his fig tree: and there was none to make them afraid.
13 There was none left in the land to fight against them: kings were discomfited in those days.
14 And he strengthened all those of his people that were brought low, and he sought the law, and took away every unjust and wicked man.
15 He glorified the sanctuary, and multiplied the vessels of the holy places.
16 And it was heard at Rome, and as far as Sparta, that Jonathan was dead: and they were very sorry.