Job 32; Job 33; Acts 14

1 So these three men ceased to answer Job, because he seemed just to himself. 2 And Eliu the son of Barachel the Buzite of the kindred of Ram, was angry and was moved to indignation: now he was angry against Job, because he said he was just before God. 3 And he was angry with his friends, because they had not found a reasonable answer, but only had condemned Job. 4 So Eliu waited while Job was speaking because they were his elders that were speaking. 5 But when he saw that the three were not able to answer, he was exceedingly angry. 6 Then Eliu the son of Barachel the Buzite answered, and said: I am younger in days, and you are more ancient, therefore hanging down my head, I was afraid to shew you my opinion. 7 For I hoped that greater age would speak, and that a multitude of years would teach wisdom. 8 But, as I see, there is a spirit in men, and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth understanding. 9 They that are aged are not the wise men, neither do the ancients understand judgment. 10 Therefore I will speak: Hearken to me, I also will shew you my wisdom. 11 For I have waited for your words, I have given ear to your wisdom, as long as you were disputing in words. 12 And as long as I thought you said some thing, I considered: but, as I see, there is none of you that can convince Job, and answer his words. 13 Lest you should say: We have found wisdom, God hath cast him down, not man. 14 He hath spoken nothing to me, and I will not answer him according to your words. 15 They were afraid, and answered no more, and they left off speaking. 16 Therefore because I have waited, and they have not spoken: they stood, and answered no more: 17 I also will answer my part, and will shew my knowledge. 18 For I am full of matter to speak of, and the spirit of my bowels straiteneth me. 19 Behold, my belly is as new wine which wanteth vent, which bursteth the new vessels. 20 I will speak and take breath a little: I will open my lips, and will answer. 21 I will not accept the person of man, and I will not level God with man. 22 For I know not how long I shall continue, and whether after a while my Maker may take me away.
1 Hear therefore, O Job, my speeches, and hearken to all my words. 2 Behold now I have opened my mouth, let my tongue speak within my jaws. 3 My words are from my upright heart, and my lips shall speak a pure sentence. 4 The spirit of God made me, and the breath of the Almighty gave me life. 5 If thou canst, answer me, and stand up against my face. 6 Behold God hath made me as well as thee, and of the same clay I also was formed. 7 But yet let not my wonder terrify thee, and let not my eloquence be burdensome to thee. 8 Now thou hast said in my hearing, and I have heard the voice of thy words: 9 I am clean, and without sin: I am unspotted, and there is no iniquity in me. 10 Because he hath found complaints against me, therefore he hath counted me for his enemy. 11 He hath put my feet in the stocks, he hath observed all my paths. 12 Now this is the thing in which thou art not justified: I will answer thee, that God is greater than man. 13 Dost thou strive against him, because he hath not answered thee to all words? 14 God speaketh once, and repeateth not the selfsame thing the second time. 15 By a dream in a vision by night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, and they are sleeping in their beds: 16 Then he openeth the ears of men, and teaching instructeth them in what they are to learn. 17 That he may withdraw a man from the things he is doing, and may deliver him from pride. 18 Rescuing his soul from corruption: and his life from passing to the sword. 19 He rebuketh also by sorrow in the bed, and he maketh all his bones to wither. 20 Bread becometh abominable to him in his life, and to his soul the meat which before he desired. 21 His flesh shall be consumed away, and his bones that were covered shall be made bare. 22 His soul hath drawn near to corruption, and his life to the destroyers. 23 If there shall be an angel speaking for him, one among thousands, to declare man’s uprightness, 24 He shall have mercy on him, and shall say: Deliver him, that he may not go down to corruption: I have found wherein I may be merciful to him. 25 His flesh is consumed with punishments, let him return to the days of his youth. 26 He shall pray to God, and he will be gracious to him: and he shall see his face with joy, and he will render to man his justice. 27 He shall look upon men, and shall say: I have sinned, and indeed I have offended, and I have not received what I have deserved. 28 He hath delivered his soul from going into destruction, that it may live and see the light. 29 Behold, all these things God worketh three times within every one. 30 That he may withdraw their souls from corruption, and enlighten them with the light of the living. 31 Attend, Job, and hearken to me, and hold thy peace, whilst I speak. 32 But if thou hast any thing to say, answer me, speak: for I would have thee to appear just. 33 And if thou have not, hear me: hold thy peace, and I will teach thee wisdom.
1 And it came to pass in Iconium that they entered together into the synagogue of the Jews and so spoke that a very great multitude both of the Jews and of the Greeks did believe. 2 But the unbelieving Jews stirred up and incensed the minds of the Gentiles against the brethren. 3 A long time therefore they abode there, dealing confidently in the Lord, who gave testimony to the word of his grace, granting signs and wonders to be done by their hands. 4 And the multitude of the city was divided. And some of them indeed held with the Jews, but some with the apostles. 5 And when there was an assault made by the Gentiles and the Jews with their rulers, to use them contumeliously and to stone them: 6 They, understanding it, fled to Lystra and Derbe, cities of Lycaonia, and to the whole country round about: 7 (14-6) and were there preaching the gospel. 8 (14-7) And there sat a certain man at Lystra, impotent in his feet, a cripple from his mother’s womb, who never had walked. 9 (14-8) This same heard Paul speaking. Who looking upon him and seeing that he had faith to be healed, 10 (14-9) Said with a loud voice: Stand upright on thy feet. And he leaped up and walked. 11 (14-10) And when the multitudes had seen what Paul had done, they lifted up their voice in the Lycaonian tongue, saying: The gods are come down to us in the likeness of men. 12 (14-11) And they called Barnabas, Jupiter: but Paul, Mercury: because he was chief speaker. 13 (14-12) The priest also of Jupiter that was before the city, bringing oxen and garlands before the gate, would have offered sacrifice with the people. 14 (14-13) Which, when the apostles Barnabas and Paul had heard, rending their clothes, they leaped out among the people, crying, 15 (14-14) And saying: Ye men, why do ye these things? We also are mortals, men like unto you, preaching to you to be converted from these vain things to the living God, who made the heaven and the earth and the sea and all things that are in them: 16 (14-15) Who in times past, suffered all nations to walk in their own ways. 17 (14-16) Nevertheless he left not himself without testimony, doing good from heaven, giving rains and fruitful Seasons, filling our hearts with food and gladness. 18 (14-17) And speaking these things, they scarce restrained the people from sacrificing to them. 19 (14-18) Now there came thither certain Jews from Antioch and Iconium: and, persuading the multitude and stoning Paul, drew him out of the city, thinking him to be dead. 20 (14-19) But as the disciples stood round about him, he rose up and entered into the city: and the next day he departed with Barnabas to Derbe. 21 (14-20) And when they had preached the gospel to that city and had taught many, they returned again to Lystra and to Iconium and to Antioch: 22 (14-21) Confirming the souls of the disciples and exhorting them to continue in the faith: and that through many tribulations we must enter into the kingdom of God. 23 (14-22) And when they had ordained to them priests in every church and had prayed with fasting, they commended them to the Lord, in whom they believed. 24 (14-23) And passing through Pisidia, they came into Pamphylia. 25 (14-24) And having spoken the word of the Lord in Perge, they went down into Attalia. 26 (14-25) And thence they sailed to Antioch, from whence they had been delivered to the grace of God, unto the work which they accomplished. 27 (14-26) And when they were come and had assembled the church, they related what great things God had done with them and how he had opened the door of faith to the Gentiles. 28 (14-27) And they abode no small time with the disciples.
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