Ben Sira 37:14-24

14 For a man's soul sometimes keeps him better informed than seven watchmen sitting high on a watchtower.
15 And besides all this pray to the Most High that he may direct your way in truth.
16 Reason is the beginning of every work, and counsel precedes every undertaking.
17 As a clue to changes of heart
18 four turns of fortune appear, good and evil, life and death; and it is the tongue that continually rules them.
19 A man may be shrewd and the teacher of many, and yet be unprofitable to himself.
20 A man skilled in words may be hated; he will be destitute of all food,
21 for grace was not given him by the Lord, since he is lacking in all wisdom.
22 A man may be wise to his own advantage, and the fruits of his understanding may be trustworthy on his lips.
23 A wise man will instruct his own people, and the fruits of his understanding will be trustworthy.
24 A wise man will have praise heaped upon him, and all who see him will call him happy.