Salmos 119:102

102 No me aparté de tus juicios; Porque tú me enseñaste.

Salmos 119:102 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 119:102

I have not departed from thy judgments
From the precepts of the word, from the ways and worship and ordinances of God; he had not wickedly and on purpose departed from them; whenever he did, it was through inadvertency, the weakness of the flesh, and strength of temptation; nor from the doctrines of the word, which he held fast, knowing of whom he had learned them, as follows:

for thou hast taught me;
the nature, excellency, and use of these judgments; he had taught him, by his Spirit, experimentally to understand the doctrines of the word, and practically to observe the precepts of it; and this preserved him from an apostasy from either of them.

Salmos 119:102 In-Context

100 Más que los viejos he entendido, Porque he guardado tus mandamientos.
101 De todo mal camino contuve mis pies, Para guardar tu palabra.
102 No me aparté de tus juicios; Porque tú me enseñaste.
103 ¡Cuán dulces son á mi paladar tus palabras! Más que la miel á mi boca.
104 De tus mandamientos he adquirido inteligencia: Por tanto he aborrecido todo camino de mentira.