Salmos 119:121

121 AIN. Juicio y justicia he hecho; No me dejes á mis opresores.

Salmos 119:121 Meaning and Commentary

(e) , AIN.--The Sixteenth Part.

Psalms 119:121

AIN. I have done judgment and justice
As king of Israel; which is the character given of him, ( 2 Samuel 8:15 ) ; and in which he was a type of Christ, ( Jeremiah 23:5 ) ( Isaiah 9:7 ) ; and as a private person; which is everyone's duty, and every good man especially will be desirous of performing it: it is not indeed perfectly done by any, and therefore not to be trusted to; nor was it so done by David; nor did he place his confidence in it; nor did he say this in a boasting way, but in defence of himself and his innocence against those who oppressed him with their calumnies, as appears from the next clause. The Syriac version takes it to be an address to God, and as describing him, "O thou that doest judgment and justice!" to whom the following petition is directed:

leave me not to mine oppressors;
David had his oppressors, as all good men have, and power was on their side; but they could do no more, nor further exercise it, than as they were permitted by the Lord; for they had no power but what was given them from above; and he applies to God, and not men, for relief; and deprecates being given up to them, and left in their hands.

Salmos 119:121 In-Context

119 Como escorias hiciste consumir á todos los impíos de la tierra: Por tanto yo he amado tus testimonios.
120 Mi carne se ha extremecido por temor de ti; Y de tus juicios tengo miedo.
121 AIN. Juicio y justicia he hecho; No me dejes á mis opresores.
122 Responde por tu siervo para bien: No me hagan violencia los soberbios.
123 Mis ojos desfallecieron por tu salud, Y por el dicho de tu justicia.