Salmos 119:137

137 TZADDI. Justo eres tú, oh Jehová, Y rectos tus juicios.

Salmos 119:137 Meaning and Commentary

(u) , TZADDI.--The Eighteenth Part.

Psalms 119:137

TZADDI. Righteous [art] thou, O Lord
Essentially, originally, and of himself; naturally, immutably, and universally, in all his ways and works of nature and grace; in his thoughts, purposes, counsels, and decrees; in all the dispensations of his providence; in redemption, in the justification of a sinner, in the pardon of sin, and in the gift of eternal life through Christ;

and upright [are] thy judgments;
they are according to the rules of justice and equity; the precepts of the word, the doctrines of the Gospel, as well as the judgments of God inflicted on wicked men, and all the providential dealings of God with his people, and also the final judgment.

Salmos 119:137 In-Context

135 Haz que tu rostro resplandezca sobre tu siervo; Y enséñame tus estatutos.
136 Ríos de agua descendieron de mis ojos, Porque no guardaban tu ley.
137 TZADDI. Justo eres tú, oh Jehová, Y rectos tus juicios.
138 Tus testimonios, que has recomendado, Son rectos y muy fieles.
139 Mi celo me ha consumido; Porque mis enemigos se olvidaron de tus palabras.
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