Salmos 119:149

149 Oye mi voz conforme á tu misericordia; Oh Jehová, vivifícame conforme á tu juicio.

Salmos 119:149 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 119:149

Hear my voice according unto thy lovingkindness
Not according to his own merits and deserts, or works of righteousness done by him, for the sake of which he did not present his supplications to God; nor according to his love to him, which often waxed cold, and he in a poor lukewarm frame of spirit; but according to the lovingkindness of God, which is always the same, and which is a great encouragement to faith and hope in prayer; that since God is gracious and merciful, kind and bountiful, plenteous in mercy, and ready to forgive, on a throne of grace, and full of love, yea, love itself, invariably the same, he will hear, and saints shall find grace and mercy to help them in time of need;

O Lord, quicken me according to thy judgment;
either according to his word of promise, or according to his manner and wonted method he used towards his people; see ( Psalms 119:25 Psalms 119:132 ) ; This is a prayer, not for the first work of quickening grace, or the first implantation of a principle of spiritual life, which the psalmist had had an experience of; but for the reviving of the work and principle in him, that he might be refreshed and comforted, and be animated and stirred up to a lively exercise of grace and performance of duty: finding himself in dead and lifeless frames, and not able to quicken himself.

Salmos 119:149 In-Context

147 Anticipéme al alba, y clamé: Esperé en tu palabra.
148 Previnieron mis ojos las vigilias de la noche, Para meditar en tus dichos.
149 Oye mi voz conforme á tu misericordia; Oh Jehová, vivifícame conforme á tu juicio.
150 Acercáronse á la maldad los que me persiguen; Alejáronse de tu ley.
151 Cercano estás tú, oh Jehová; Y todos tus mandamientos son verdad.